Conventional advertising: data broker pays millions

Conventional advertising: Data broker pays millions

Targeted advertising: From 2007 to 2018, the data broker of Epsilon Data Management should have helped, especially seniors in the US with false winning promises. Like the US Ministry of Justice, the company has now approved a payment of $ 150 million to avert criminal proceedings.

Transaction data from millions

The company with headquarters in Texas is according to court documents one of the largest marketing providers in the world. Here, the buying of millions of US households are systematically evaluated to address them with new advertising campaigns. For the data, Epsilon has established a customer base of 2000 clients according to the accusers.

But some of these customers used the addresses to deliver a total of 30 million households withdrawn commercial advertising. For example, in the writing that the receptioners had won in a raffle and that they had to pay a processing fee to get to the profit. Other campaigns attempted to bring forestry services and food intelligators to customers or promised government requirements.

Vulnerable target groups

Since not everyone responds to such clumsy methods, the betrayers tried to address their victims targeted. For this they used the services of Epsilon Data Management, which is particularly good-beled consumers as "Opportunity Seekers" raging. On the basis of internal e-mails, the proclaimers tried to prove that epsilon Data Management had specifically benefited on the illegal campaign. So managers shoke out that a customer who sold them before 5000 addresses without having to show a company address, probably being arrested.

With the agreement with the judiciary keys, the company, which has been a new owner since 2019, tries to draw a final line under the affairs. 127.5 million dollars are to be paid to the victims of the fraud meshes, there is a penalty of $ 22.5 million. The staff who were involved in the business works today no longer for Epsilon.

Senior betrayers also in Germany

Also in Germany are currently grassing fraud attempts to seniors. According to a report of Rheinische Post, the police in NRW in the first three quarters 2020 recorded a total of 289 offenses with a damage of 12.4 million euros. The observations often give that a grandson of the called in a threads or money for a corona treatment needed that the victims are picked up at home.

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