Deterrence in the age after the cold war

The new Bush government will rely on strong militarically; The designated Defense Minister Rumsfeld wants more money for calling and relies on the national missile defense system and the intelligence services

The American defense policy was allowed to change, like many other, when the new Prassident George W. Bush his office on 20. January and Donald Rumsfeld appoints as intended for the Minister of Defense. He once said the keywords and said that weak is provocative. It is not only for the realization of the CLINTON government under prere on the part of the congress, but reduced missile defense system (NMD), but also warned against the possibility of a "Pearl Harbor in space". Had the Clinton government surprised her profile in terms of national security with the threats through Infowar, Cyberterrorism and biological weapons, so the Bush government seems to put in the old Fubstap of Ronald Reagan again to broad calling.

Rumsfeld, already defense ministers under Prasident Ford of 1975 to 1977 and head of two commissions on the rocket defense system and the potential dangers for the US satellites, still lives in the categories of the Cold War and a deterrence policy. Rusting, strong, further turning on the rust screw – this is the world of the new Minister of Defense with the simply slogan: "Weaks invaded people to do things that they had not thought." Although the world has changed since the Cold War, Rumsfeld intervenes, with the old enemy Russia one has a more peaceful relationship, but she continues to be dangerable and actually even danger: "We know that the power of weapons today is far gross than in recent times, and we know that with the decrease in tensions at the end of the Cold War, the spread of these opportunities around them."

In the age of globalization, the US militar must be successful in the 21. Century lead, so it continues "his vital role for the conservation and expansion of peace as far as possible in the future" kink. The basis of peace is one "Strong, ready-to-use and modern army". To this end, the budget has to raise the budget that supports supports must and the army should be technically modernized with a technically technically to climb enemies: "An effective deterrence can no longer be based solely on the prospect of punishment by a rough counter. It must be based on a combination of offensive nuclear weapons and non-nuclear defense measures that work together to make possible enemies impossible the perception of opportunities and advantages, which from the threat to our dispute, of our homeland or allies with weapons of mass destruction or through their use develop."

Above all, the effort of intelligence services and the expansion of information technology: a modern CCCI infrastructure (Command, Control, Communication, Intelligence) is the basis of military action. For the expansion of the intelligence services and the monitoring capacity, for Rumsfeld, of course, space technology – and "The possibility to protect you against different types of attack."

Overall, the basis for even higher expenditure for the rust is placed when they have so far provided by Bush. During the election campaign, he had spoken of the budget for the Ministry of Defense for the next 10 years to increase $ 45 billion dollars and to spend more than $ 70 billion for new weapon systems in space and for submarines. Rumsfeld does not indicate quietly that this will not be enough: "We have to work together if we want to loose the problems of sufficient financing. … We will have to find new dollars in unused quantities." Of course, however such increases with the promised tax rays will have to show Bush, since the economic boom continues to expand.

A just published Pentagon report, which was created under the direction of Howard Baker, is at the right time and justifies the rising intentions, which are not only expensive to the US, but also could lead to a new worldwide rising spiral. In view of the plan demanded by the Bush Government, to build a national missile defense system, Russia and China will continue to meet each other. As is known, not only weakly leads to dangers, but also emphasizes the showed strong. In addition to the American OberboseWicht Bin Laden, Russia is now again as a threat to a visual, because the economic problems of the country with the coarse weapons were able to drove that thieves, terrorists and organized crimes can acquire these weapons.

In the report it is called, according to the remarkable Minister of Defense and former Republican Senator William Cohen, that at least 25 states (Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea …) already the possibility or there are to acquire them, use nuclear, chemical or biological mass destruction. Especially the military consideration "Bose states" (Rogue States), "asymmetric means" to develop to attack the Achillesferse of the USA. This is what the mass destruction weapons could be increasingly also in the hands of terrorist or fanatical individuals and groups: "The successors of Osama Bin Laden have already trained with poison gases."

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