Imminent exclusion of the unreal engine: microsoft suggests on epics page

Imminent exclusion of the Unreal Engine: Microsoft suggests on Epics page

Microsoft fears the consequences of a possible sacking of the Unreal Engine of iOS and MacOS: In a court document, the company points to problems that came to developers after the support end of the Games Engine. In the dispute with Epic Games, Apple had previously threatened to remove the Unreal Engine Developer from the Developer program.

Without official support of the Unreal Engine under IOS and Macos Microsoft Microsoft has to give up its customers on these platforms, the company writes. Microsoft develops the mobile balance of the racing game series "Forza" Based on the Unreal Engine. The transition to other engines was extremely costly for developers, continues to write Microsoft – especially when development time has already flowed into the game. Making many other studios hard next to Microsoft.

The document submitted Microsoft to the Californian Court managed by Apple against Epic Games. By writing, Microsoft wants to support the position of EPIC Games, which characterizes the exclusion of Apple’s Developer’s program as inadvertent overreaction on EPICS procedure.

It started with "Fortnite"

At 13th. August had Apple and Google the popular games app "Fortnite" banished from their respective mobile stores. Thus, the tech giants responded to a provocation of epic: the "Fortnite"-Developer had integrated a method for payment in the application, which the actually upligated 30 percent commission of Apple and Google.

heise show about the topic "EPIC VS Apple"

This step was a crowded against the guidelines of Android and iOS: all apps distributed there must take 30 percent of their revenue with digital geners to the provider of the platform. Epic Games had already expected the expulsion from the App stores: In response, the developer was enough "Fortnite" and the Unreal Engine invisibly sue against Apple and Google. In these complaints, Epic Google and Apple prefer to exploit their market power for the disadvantage of other developers.

Apple suggested EPIC Games under prere and threatened to remove the company from the Developer program. This also gained the support of the Unreal Engine for iOS and Macos. The Unreal Engine is one of the most widely used games engines in the world. Epic asked the state-based Californian court to prevent the outward throw from the Developer program for the duration of the court proceedings.

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