In hungary, media freedom dies advice

In Hungary, media freedom dies advice

Who in these days of Hungary’s most read, so far independent newsportal index.Hu visited, changes will notice. Many of the messages come from the state news agency MTI. And it lacks the gross stories, which due to their own research political bad developments and alleged traces of corruption.

Forced emergency operation

In fact, the portal drags itself in a kind of emergency operation, since the editor-in-chief Szabolcs Dull was released from one and a half weeks for prere of the governmental property. Two days later, almost the entire 90-head editors handed the ration. Employees are still subject to the sound period, they continue to work on austerity flame. The owners are meanwhile feverish after a new team.

But in his former form it becomes index.Do not give HU anymore. It was not just an internet portal, but an institution in the country. 21 years ago, Journalists, private individuals and small investors founded. With linguistic, multi-media and content innovations, it brought a fresh, unused wind into the hitherto rather handy Hungarian media landscape.

It was also striking that the portal does not associate any of the political camps – the National Conservative or Left-Liberal -. index.Hu researched, covered and shared, no matter which camp the Missants and "Corruptionist" belong.

In Orbans Fokus

Economic note resulted in a change in property structure by 2005. Business people from the environment of the legal party Fidesz of the then opposition driver Viktor Orban acquired the majority shares in the ownership company. Years, she respected the independence of the portal largely. But with Orbans election victory 2010 and other changes in the property environment, the prere on the autonomous editorial staff. Orban scolded in May 2018: "Index is a fake news factory."

Just a short year later, the businessman Miklos Vaszily acquired the half of the shares in the ownership company. He is considered Orbans Men Furs Grobe in the media policy. SCHRONG SCHRECK. External consultants penetrated one "Spin-off" the department from the editors, this is called for their organizational crashing.

The editor-in-chief Dull, on the other hand, resisted, made the tarpaulin and was finally fired. "That was the signal that the other guarantees that secured our independence have no stock", said Tamas Fabian, up to his rationes parliamentary correspondent of the portal. "A free work was not possible from then on."

End of the press freedom

The government of the powerful Minister Prosident Viktor Orban has a decided of every idea, when switching off index.Hu directed to have guided. Chancellor’s Minister of Gergely Gulyas spoke the foregoing to one "Discussion within a team with private owners" small. "The government can not write in such a way in such a way – she was doing it to her freedom injured", he said on Sunday in state radio.

But the slow dying of free media runs like a red thread through the ten-year regency orbans. Immediately after the administration of administration in 2010, he degraded the public media to pure government pipes. This happened through new media laws that Decided Orbans Fidesz majority in parliament. Father went to Orbans people indirect.

As 2014, Deutsche Telekom the then large Internet portal origo.Sold under enormous prere of the Orban government to Fidesz-near investors, it was the today’s indexwinder Vascily, which remlie the critical editors of the portal and converted it to a propaganda tool. In 2016, the large daily newspaper of the country, the left liberal "Nepszabadsag", shrewd. Executor was in this case an investor from Austria, who was retained again and again by Orban.

Meanwhile, all regional newspapers, almost all portals, television and radio stations are summarized in a foundation controlled by Orban-familiar strict. This concentration of 400 media in one hand was hobed by the competition and media law itself in Hungary. Orban has also found for a backtime. The foundation with the coverage Kesma became a setup of "Strategic importance for the nation" explained. After Hungarian law, she is no longer contestable.

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