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Ministry of State Security has irradiated political opponents

While "Defense"-Minister Scharping sees himself in Arger’s threading, because Soldiers of NATO troops in Yugoslavia were radioled radiolosed by the Panzerknacker shots of their own army, Klaus Becker, his sign of radiation protection expert, has pointed to machinations of the Stasi in the 1970 / 1980s, which through Documents in the archives of the Gauck authority. "A remarkable story", So becker, "the first occupied case of such excursions at all."

It sounds like the content indication of a James Bond film without sex and Martini: Stasi agents have evidence of East German political opposition with high-radioactive chemicals "marked", To avoid localization and persecution by means of Geigerzahler. In order not to warn the target persons through the Geigerzahler Geigerzahler, devices were used with vibration alarm, which were worn under the suit. No wonder that the GDR had no imperialist agent films…

According to a report of the New Scientist, the files indicates that dissidents were identified in various ways: people, cars and personal documents were treated with radioactive solution. An in-house development of the Stasi was an air pistol with which a radioactively treated silver wire from 25 meters removal sink in a car tire. While one waited very precisely to the non-capricance of internationally recognized radiation rays, the Stasi had no problems with the "observed" Persons the limits to override a zigache. Westmark was also being treated radioactively and circulated. One wanted to observe how the money circulates, who reaches it for whatever purpose. The Stasi colored that more than such a predatory banknote in the trouser pocket for the Trager brought the risk of infertility.

The suspicion of the former Ministry of State Security already has a long time, since in east cogs on curious, non-medical "Beaming machines" was. Against this background, the very frequent occurrence of the cancer death is no longer particularly advisable in political dissidents. Barry Lambert, English radiobiologist, indicates that the risk of such a procedure was not only the marked self, but also its familiar environment.

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