Spacex wants to start a first starship: more than 10 kilometers high sought

Spacex wants to start a first starship: more than 10 kilometers high sought

Spacex is shortly before a thermal test flight for its planned spaceship starship. The prototype SN8 prepared this time, the concept drawings of the spaceship is almost pretty strong and should reach more than 10 kilometers of high. This true jump after the first puppies of the past months were another milestone for the US space company of Elon Musk. He could already take place today Tuesday, explained Spacex. Temporary, local airspace screens of US aviation faa FAA has existed for days. Spacex itself has created a LiveStream (S. below), which the test flight can be transferred live.

Spacex wants to start a first starship: more than 10 kilometers high sought

Starship is once again able to bring more than 100 tons of payload to space, so much grabbed the Saturn V.

A spaceship for the conquest of the solar system

Musk had presented the first prototype of the Starships just in September 2019 and a spaceship is called to be reusable very quickly and fly to three times a day or 1000 times a year. One of these spaceships is said to fly 150 tons of cargo into all and bring 50 tons of cargo to earth. He called the Starship as "Fastest way to a self-holding city on the Mars" and just travel to other planets for possibly. First flights with people on board had already been explored for 2020, but this schedule was a once more optimistic. Nevertheless, progress is impressive and independent of the result of the nextest test flight, it was allowed to continue in the breathtaking speed.

Spacex had begun development with the Stardhopper, who reached 150 high meters in August 2019 and was sent retired. At the two Spacex sites in Florida and Texas, a total of four successors under the short MK1, MK2, MK3 and MK4 were created in parallel. MK1 was destrated in November 2019 that work on MK2 and MK4. MK3, on the other hand, was renamed SN1 and the officially initial prototype of the Starships. This prototype was then destroyed at the beginning of Marz before SN2 was an important test and was also retired. Sn3 and Sn4 were then destroyed, SN5 reached in August 150 Hohenmeter, Sn6 followed in September. SN7 and SN7.1 were specifically destroyed at tests.

Test flight with low succession opportunities

SN8 has been created for some time at the location in Texas, in the near the border with Mexico. The first prototype he really looks like a spaceship, with a top and the short flight. In addition, this is the first version with three Raptor engines, in finished expansion it should be six – three optimized for the operation at sea-height, three optimized for operation in the vacuum of the universe. This is supposed to fly on a still much big first stage into all, which connects about 30 engines. While SN8 should now lift off, SN9 is almost done, explores the company.

In the test flight, a whole series of properties should now be tested. In addition, the prototype should try to turn after the start as the Spacex rocket levels already routinely do to land again. Elon Musk had shortly insured, he see a 30% chance that the prototype could even land again. Meanwhile, he only explained, there was a 30% chance, "to fulfill all mission specifications". Nevertheless, the test flight was allowed to become a drama, Spacex itself explained, whose success does not trade in the completion of the specifications, but how much you learn.

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