With ki smarter through the crises – or into the disaster

With ki smarter through the crises - or into the disaster

The Taiwanese Digital Minister Audrey Tang to make the Burgern the technology world tasty on beautiful new terms. That "Internet of Things" For you the network of "Battle", The possibly near singularity, with which the machines take over the rule, interprets them as "Plurality", made of artificial intelligence (ki) she makes the "Assisting intelligence". Only the Quarter An app, with which the land seeks to get the Corona Pandemic, comes conceptually unadorned as "digital fence" therefore.


14 days is the obligation to self-isolation for infected and potential widespread of the novel coronavirus on the island. "We pay all in quartaine around 30 euros a day to stay at home", Tang reported on Thursday at the KI Conference of the Grunen Bundestag Faction under the motto "Smarter through the crisis". Part of the mobile application is also one "Health-bot", with which users can chat. Who does not want to reveal his phone number, receive a smartphone from the state for the two weeks.

Only friendly is the system but not. "The chatbot registered when the phone is not moving for a long time and you do not react to SMS", the minister succeeded in one of the functions to enforce the self-isolation. Although GPS or Bluetooth were not used, but the location will be measured via distance from the radio masts per triangulation to around 50 meters.

Humor Over Rumor

The funny is the dog animation that should explain the Taiwanese why they hold in pandemeal times, wear a protective mask and should be sneezed in the army. At the same time, the assistant intelligence also helps against the parallel amount of info music, tang out. Thus, each social media user can mark fragile messages and recovery payments and to a state-operated "Collective FACT Checking Network" send.

"The ministries then send funny membras", referred the government official to the motto: "Humor Over Rumor". A leading politician has in this way with a picture on which he was seen from behind, the false claim counteracted that the government Klopapier confiscate confiscate to produce more masks.

Ki against the crisis?

Artificial intelligence Konne help, "to get the coarse crises", Had the Green Faction Chief Katrin Goring-Eckardt previously spent with a look at climate change as a solution. You have to muse how "Civil, sustainable and social" as well as best "in Europe autonomous" be developed "According to our values".

An incorrect approach, said the sociologist Harald Welzer. The climate crisis is not due to technical, but only through social innovation. The company must establish other lifestyles and forms of mobility. Digital technologies may be helped in the development of a modernized form of capitalism, but must first be clear about what the question is or which problem man loose wool.

The coarse of the Council of Digital Obology illustrated his thesis using the example of the "Phantasm" Autonomous vehicles. In doing so, it was clear what kind of locomotion and participation you have wanted wool. In his view, the technology so at best "For the orchestration" to be used for public transport. Instead of technical gearboxes it applies "elsewhere" to discuss. The human creativity can not be placed at the end of a decision chain in which a lot has already been given. There is nothing to do not want to make ethics and sustainability spotted after their breakthrough.

He see the option to better control the traffic or the energy transition with data, Dieter Janecek, spokesman of the Grunen for the digital economy, was not quite compliant with the scientist. The direction of resource consumption thirst though "just point down". Algorithms should become more efficient, with one "Fair CO2 pricing" Help Konne. Solutions like a digital parking space management are "catastrophic", Since the room in the city is distributed differently.

Clear legal rules

If decisions were outsourced to machines, problems are emphasized in the field of internal security problems and the ie of criminal responsibility, warn factionsConstantine of Notz. For example, with predictive policing, facial recognition, drones and telecommunications clarification, politics do so do well to set a clear legal framework. Otherwise the Federal Cancer Court must intervene again and again to protect the burgers from discrimination and defend their privacy and freedom.

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