A warning event

As a ratten girl was a rat

Children who are not good, they like to pay as a warning one even terrible horror history. Whoever hits his mother, then, for example, is called the grave’s hand from the grave. Although this is complete nonsense and also comes from the grand march from the stubborn child, nevertheless it has been scared in the 50s German children Bose. Whether it helped is once again.

Another and far more terrible horror history currently circulates under Turkish Madchen. You will be sent by e-mail mostly with the subject line "a warning event". And because it is so incredible, we give you here as a warning before the warning in whole again:

As a young girl in her room hoarding music, her mother read the Koran loudly. Did the mother told the daughter, they should make the music a little quieter. Then the daughter should confront the mother and asked her to keep her mouth. When the young girl saw that her mother was still not looking at her and she reads on the Koran aloud, she snaps the Holy Book, which was sent to us as a wayguide, from her mother’s hand and begins to break it. At that moment, the girl begins to catch and burn. To lose the fire, the mother throws a blanket on her. But when she wants to take away the blanket again, she stabbed on this warning sight. The young Madchen is currently in a hospital in Holland.

That’s just pretty hard food, but it’s getting worse. To the text is a photo that is supposedly pointed in what the Bose Madchen has turned into a rat that has a human head.

Like Akif Sahin, a practicing Hamburger Muslim, on his mesh side, writes, is the image destroyed by the Swiss artist Patricia Piccini, so in reality is nothing but a synthetic object, but unfortunately, unfortunately, young people on this manbene nonsense fall in. Whether you are really good, once you are heard

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