Amd 4700s: eight-core processor with 16 gb gddr6-ram

AMD 4700S: Eight-core processor with 16 GB GDDR6-RAM

In the trade is that "AMD desktop kit" 4700S surfaced. The processor does not wear a ryes in the name, but is apparently closely related to the Ryzen 3000- or -4000g series, including ZEN-2 and 7 nanometer technology. The 4700S uses eight CPU cores with simultaneous multithreading (16 threads), but dispenses to the full-time DDR4 memory.

Instead, the Chinese trading platform Tmall and the Finnish shop Tulostintavaratalo 16 GB GDDR6-RAM call. The kit is apparently a motherboard with a loaded processor and also dissented memory blocks. The boost clock frequency should be at 4.0 GHz. A benchmark entry of the Geekbench also outputs a base clock of 3.6 GHz.

Console rise

GDDR memory in combination with a processor is unusual, because the RAM technology is trimmed to high transmission rates for the food of graphics units. CPU cores benefit in tasks such as 3D plays strongly of low latencies that offers DDR RAM. Normal Ryzen processors can therefore not deal with GDDR6.

The amption is suggested that the 4700S is recycled by the developer kits of the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 second. Both consoles use ZEN-2-ZEnduers from AMD with 16 GB GDDR6 RAM. The latter should accelerate in particular the integrated RDNA-2-GPU – at the 4700S, however, no graphics unit is active. Consequently, appropriate systems necessarily require a defined graphics card, for which the motherboard has a PCI Express X16 slot.

AMD 4700S: Eight-core processor with 16 GB GDDR6-RAM

The system sold on Tmall shows a 4700S kit with slot for a graphics card.

AMD driver and BIOS

At the 4700S, it is not exotic, which Blob has established a Chinese handler in the depths of a warehouse. AMD itself offers suitable drivers and a current BIOS for commissioning via the own support website.

Craft enthusiasts can buy the desktop kit around AMDS 4700S the easiest over the Finnish shop Tulostintavaratalo for 325 euros – within the EU are no customs duties. The motherboard should fit in mini-ITX housing. Shipping is expected to start coming month.

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