Apparently mac pro with ice lake xeon w-3300 in the march

Apparently Mac Pro with ICE Lake Xeon W-3300 in the march

Actually, the Intel age is at Apple’s story, instead, Arm processors ("Apple Silicon") For the Group the future. But there is a model series, in which the X86 processors still seem to stay up to date: the Workstation Mac Pro. The reason is simple: many owners of this computer line use PCIe cards and other special hardware, for which there are no arms no arm alternative so far. According to an Intel Leaker, Apple also plans for 2022 with an Intel-based Mac Pro.

6200 US dollars for the chip alone

The information in the IT blog WCCFETCH According to frequent people in the past, Apple wants to order the upcoming ICE Lake-SP-Xeons from the 33xx series. It fits that the current beta of the Apple Development Environment seems to refer Xcode 13 ICE Lake-SP processors. Here Apple had a selection up to the Xeon W-3375. The chip in the 10-nm process comes with up to 38 cores (76 threads), probably up to 4 GHz clock frequency as well as an L3 cache in the coarse of 57 Mbytes. The TDP value is to be heard with 270 watts, the targeted list price at rich 6200 US dollars.

Another 33xx chips comes with 14, 16, 24 and 32 cores and L3 caches between 21 and 48 Mbytes. Intel emphasizes the new chips delivered more efficiency and performance as well "Built-in Ki acceleration" – That was allowed to sound very good in Apple’s ears, even if the hardware was not allowed to be comparable to the neural engine in its own SOCS.

Intel and Apple Silicon?

Currently, the brilliant note ames that Apple will bring two variants of Mac Pro in the coming year. A camoke with Apple Silicon in particularly flotter execution ("M2" with numerous cores and GPU units probably) and compact design, whereby the extensibility is unclear.

The second variant is allegedly approximately the current hardware in its coarse desktop housing with easy extensibility – and Kame with said ICE Lake SP chips. Sure is already today: the prices were allowed to climb new high in both variants – already now pays at least 6500 euros for the tower, although the hardware from 2019 comes.

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