Combat and propaganda continue

At EU initiative, Georgia has signed a ceasefire agreement, but Russia, which now attacks positions in Georgia, explains that the Georgian troops continued to fight and post the city Zchinwali

As always in wartime, the events are presented differently differently by the parties and those with them solidarity. The propagand machines are working on full swing. Clear, however, is that the Georgian government with its attempt, with military means the abnormal province of SudoStenia, which has been managed for 17 years, which has been managed independently of Georgia, failed and now as always the civilians on both sides such a unuitized step Must, while warlike conflicts now again Europe’s near a jerking.

Apparently, the Georgians have relyed on the fact that the US was getting stronger prere coverage, so that Russia returns to the consequences of a military escalation. But that’s not happening. The Georgian Prasident Mikhail Saakashschwili has dared to be a high effort and for the time being lost, which has always failed for the time being the test that is massively supported by the US government, first to enter NATO and then to the EU. "At most, he has a chance of Russia and with infinite patience, he can only lose military. The chance of his country, once actually becoming part of the western systems, is part of the trumber", I am in a comment in the world.

Of course, the US government sees itself to ensure the sound. In addition to Georgia and Russia, a stronger confrontation with Russia, which Prasident Bush has already operated long, could not be released. Despite numerous warnings, the US government had recognized the independence of Kosovo, knowing that there is a danger of danger not only for the Caucasus, but especially there. With American aircraft, the troops stationed in Iraq are to be flown to Georgia. With 2000 soldiers, Georgia sets the third-ground troop contingent of the remaining "Coalition of the willing" and has probably promised more jerking from the USA. At least Georgian seem to ask, reports a correspondent of the British Times why the Georgians sent soldiers in Iraq if the US and NATO are not assisting the country.

Bush criticized the military deployment as "unbearable" and "unacceptable" and demanded the jerking of the troops. The US Ambassador to the Uno, Zalmay Khalilzad, spoke of a Russian "Terror campaign" And Russia threw the effort to make a regime change in Georgia. The Russian ambassador replied, change of regime was an American term and criticized the military support of Georgia. Viceprasident Cheney threatened that the procedure of Russia did not remain unanswered and have serious consequences. However, it is said that the US will not intervene militarily in order not to harmonize the necessary cooperation with Russia.

During the conflict escalated and Russia also sends soldiers, Saakashvili has arranged a one-sided ceasefire in view of Russian excitement, but after the Russian General Staff of Georgia was not complied with, residential district of Zchinwali were as well as the hospital has been broken further, Russian aircraft have said now Also bombarded the airport of the Georgian capital of Tblisi as well as military positions, while the Russian side claims that the Georgian soldiers had further steamed. The city of Gori, which was already bombarded by Russian aircraft, will be evacuated for safety’s sake.

Saakashvili now accuses Russia to have prepared the war in which it is about "Freedom in Europe" go. The Kremlin wool the "Neocoloniale is restored via the whole room, which was once ruled by Moscow, restore". The Georgian prasident is trying to write the Russians the outbreak of the war. Moscow initially tried the riots in Abkhazia to durs and then arranged that the SudoStetic camphor Georgian goals attack. You have reacted with a ceasefire, but then need to intervene to protect the civilians.

Little surprisingly, the Russians argue mirror-image and throw the US government to have approved the invasion of Sudosozen. These emphasize, they were not performed with ground troops on Georgia, four aircraft had been shot down. The Georgian side, on the other hand, speaks of dozens of shot-down Russian fighters and hundreds of tote Russian soldiers. The SudoStetic Prasident of the self-proclaimed republic wants to achieve that the attack is recognized as Volkermord. Of that, you talk to talk if in a country like SudoSetia with a population of 70.000 The capital is destroyed, 2000 people were killed and 30.000 had to flee.

Today, Saakashvili signed a truce agreement negotiated with the EU. The French and Finnish Aufemister now want to move Moscow also to sign. According to Reuters, the Russian government has for the time being for the time being, as Georgian troops continued to fight. However, Government Putin had already made it clear that one was now the conflict to his "logical degree" wool wool, which would probably mean that militarism should be created for the drawing of the two drunk provinces from Georgia. Russia has shown in Chechnya until where it goes itself to get the territorial integrity.

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