Corona inhibits inventive spirit – fewer patent applications

Corona inhibits inventive spirit - fewer patent applications

The Corona pandemic inhibits the inventive spirit in the companies. The German Patent and Trademark Office reported on Friday a significant decline in patent applications of almost eight percent last year. In total, therefore 62.105 Patent inventions, 5327 less than 2019. According to the Munchner federal federal doctors in other Patentamterns, similar ruckging in other patent universal industrial sites such as Japan and the USA.

Especially strong racy in the autotechnology

Striking is the racy in autotechnology and other industries such as mechanical engineering. In the area "transport" – The traditionally at the top of the patent statistics – the applications fell by 16.6 percent to 10.758. However, there was an increase in connection with electric vehicles, so for batteries and fuel cells. The three companies with most registrations still belong to the car industry: on the burst one and two layers the suppliers Bosch and Schaeffler, followed by BMW.

There was a coarse minus of 18 percent also in the machine elements, a smaller of almost three percent in electrical machines, advised and energy.

In other areas, the pandemic obviously asked innovation. In medical technology, it was given to the information with 2883 registrations a plus of over ten percent. In the technical classes to which facial masks and protective clothing are obvious, the registrations. "The pandemic has led to extensive economic damage, but in some special industries the economic activity but strongly stimulated", said the behief leader Cornelia Rudloff-Schaffer.

Coarse insensthutsche fall

Companies have been ahead of the patent applications for decades, scientists and individual findings play a very much smaller role. There are by no means all registrations at the Patent Office of German inventions: just under 20.000 registrations came from abroad last year, usually of companies that want to make their inventions in Germany.

And in terms of patent statistics is also domestic inland. Striking is still immense inside German fall. Good 40 percent of all patent applications – overall over 26.000 – came from only two federal tags: Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria. By contrast, only 2528 new inventions were registered from the Funf East German Lermans and Berlin. The most valued federal state North Rhine-Westphalia ranked far behind the two sudlanders with 6532 registrations.

In contrast to inventions there was a boom in new brands. The Patent Office paid 89.438 Trademark applications, over 10.000 More than in 2019 and so many as for two decades no longer. Rudloff-Schaffer sees this result in the boom in online trading. The ongoing Corona crisis has shifted many trading activities to the Internet. "In order to succeed, many online providers see the need to make their products and services protected by pragnant brands – even because of appropriate requirements gross trading platforms", said the patent storyside. There was a significant coronary increase in the brands for medical apparatus, pharmaceutical products and disinfection.

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