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The increase in the accumulators as a symptom

Currently there are a dozen electrical apparatus in my possessions, which are powered by batteries, of exchange batteries in the larger number of natural. Everything is there from DigiCam to the Bluetooth headset. Together with the necessary charger data, this results in a Hubschen pile of Kram. I am sure that not only with me the number of battery-powered devices is steadily increasing. But why actually?

Alvin Tofflers "Future shock" From 1973 is a funny book. There was a lot ahead, especially a lot of nonsense, and you can amuse yourself to be careful with his reading. Anyone who wants to have a proof of the meaninglessness of concrete future statements, for the Future Shock offers many examples.

But it is also a conflictive book, because different trend predictions meet very well, for example the nomadization of society. In fact, in 1973, it was first recognizable in Ablatzen, but has always been stronger since then and has encouraged globalization in a way that she could not lead Tatpler.

What a few years ago was still hip, the static change of the site from MaBlich economic grounds (and notes), is today standard, and that is the most interestingly possible for migrants as well as for managers and many, many others – of course at different levels of comfort.

The history of the accumulator is closely linked to the mobilitat. As the technology center of 19. For the century, it was not yet to think of a mobile application, the industrial breakthrough came until 1886. With the development of the automobile but your potential was fully recognized. The war has played a role as ual. U boats that wanted to remain mobile under water, needed accumulators. Experimenting with ever new materials and electrolytes led to the batteries that we know today.

Mobilitat, readiness and function are the bases of a society that requires the battery and is powered by him in each word. The accumulator is a wonderful example for that technologies "Pop up", If societies of a certain level of development call for them. For the archaeologists of the future, in his various designs, he also likes a Leitfossil for the mobilitative society. For users, he is an ever lighter fetter, which is always enough.

In "Cold start" I wrote a few years ago:

Before I became happy laptop owner, I had already noted in a critical essay, that portable computers can be great, but also vice versa the whole world into a Buro, and the landscape transform into a photo wallpaper, true to the motto, that no Place of the world should be spared as a resource and workplace.

At that time I have a laptop, which was not really mobile at 3.1 kg weight, but always used only as a desktop replacement – last during a scholarship stay, where it remained inside, because the rest battery life was too low. This text, on the other hand, has been created on a rule only 1.8 kg, which reaches a battery life of up to 24 hours.

Although Apple Emate 300 also comes from 1997, but was slightly ahead of the rough mobility boom of recent years and was not marketed as a text-catcher for journalists and authors, but as a learning calculator for Schuler. A classic Apple error. And now I’m sitting outdoors and transforming my environment into the photo wallpaper of a uberdimensional buros that is overall.

Impact without accumulators and a power-saving design. At the work on the desktop computer, there are clear advantages: At 35 degrees in the shadow, it is now little pleasant to sit in a study, which is continuously emphasized by a 350-watt fluidized air.

Where people take their work with, take the amusement with you. The MP3-"revolution" likes the music industry damaged, the manufacturers of batteries was and she is pure joy. What William Gibson said about the Walkman, that his liberating makes his liberal in it, a personal selection of music always have to have been possible, goods without rechargeable batteries, and is just as important for MP3 players – if you expand the statement significantly expanded : Without batteries, today the users are not possible to wear the music of their lives in their pocket.

How sensitive at the same time we are now from the mobile power donors, let us recognize when they threaten to failure. It is no longer a small thing when Dell returns 4.1 million batteries due to fire hazard. What is sold and used so often, only relatively rarely needs to be really faulty to cause massive damage.

How to continue? If you want to burn the fingers like Toffler on concrete predictions? Fuel cells ensure that the gates are not only available for weeks, but for months and years from the network independently? The users carry paper dunes, kink and rollable computers with them, which can all can, from the voice-controlled video editing to the most demanding weather simulation? Maybe. If the fuel cells or other technologies are displaced the accumulators that have done their service because they no longer offer enough mobilitat?

Maybe. Probably it will be more likely to come to a coevolution of accumulators and other energy technologies; the engineers already falls something. Is quite sure that the Buroinzelpatz with desktop computer, images from the family, Dilbert comics and storage facilities will not remain the paradigm of computer work. We have been mobilized once.

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