Eu council prosident: seehofer drives the surveillance union

EU Council Prosident: Seehofer drives the surveillance union

Federal Interior Minister of Horst Seehofer wants to significantly intensify cooperation between law enforcement authorities at EU level and expand existing monitoring structures and better network. Every policeman in the EU MUSSE "have access to the necessary information from all other Member States at any time", The CSU politician explained on Wednesday at the presentation of the work program of his house for the EU Council Prosident.

According to the ten-sided plan, it should be about all about data, the orderer "In the cross-border Europe, to ward off current threats". "For this purpose, we rely on a modern information architecture, better use of existing instruments and a strong partnership within and opposite our police keeps", it’s in the paper. Above all, the ability of Europol "To support the operational work of the national security authorities in the fight against breeze criminality, terrorist and extremist threats" should be strengthened.

Europol as central office

The Ministry of the Interior wants to enter this Dafur, "Europol as a central office for the European police so expand". A similar function involves the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) often for local investigators about the Lander. According to the initiative, Europol is intended to turn off its own mandate for analysis, information exchange and aid services. This should also be the role of the authorities as a central service and knowledge management platform "In the field of cyber security and cyberability" raise.

In general, Seehofer is planning the operational cooperation between the law enforcement units of the Member States "Especially in the border-near area" to deepen. The regulations on the interoperability of the Central EU databases in the field of border protection, migration control and security are an important building block, so that they had to be implemented in a timely manner. They ensured that potential false and multiple identities "systematically recognized and clarified".

The biometrics super database

With the virtual merger of the Schengen Information System (SIS), for example, with other border control registers, the biometric monitoring of the population and entering. Achieving the existing data should be allowed "With a single click". Border protectioners and police officers were able to check out exactly as well as simply by querying all EU information systems on a screen at the same time. Add to this "joint service" For the comparison about fingerprints and facial pictures. In principle, such a biometrics super database arises, had warned prior to data protection.

"In the context of the import process, we are particularly important to ensure that the stakeholders participate in the EU and Member State level is quickly maintaining their connectionability and designing workflows in such a way that they can effectively use the art-available information and that the needs of the police end user in the center of the considerations jerking", Stresses the interior class.

Regulation against terrorist online content

Other instruments of the European police information exchange want to refresh and drive the department. It refers, for example, to the Prumer Treaty concluded in 2005, on the basis of which some EU states including Germany exchange DNA, fingerprint and vehicle register data electronically and network their national databases. Furthermore, the ministry takes the controversial passenger data retention and the Europol information system in view of it consistently "At the objectives of the availability of information" align.

That department wants to be at the same time "New praventive funds" as well as the "drain" Work on the regulation on the fight against terrorist online content, with the upload filter threaten. To strive "a continuous exchange of best practices, so that terrorist content can not find permanent spread over the network".

5 million euros for Interpol

In parallel, cooperation partners in the Ministry of the Interior signed an agreement, with which the Federal Government on the BKA with funf million euros in the financing of the "Policing Capability Enhancement Programs" involved by Interpol (I-Core). With the total of 80 million euros expensive projects, the General Secretariat of the International Lawmenbency Agody should modernize its information architecture and one "Modern platform for the global police" Build data exchange. This will cooperate over Interpol "Targeted, more flexible and faster" Run, it is called. National police mersions were able to reduce their administrative burden.

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