Listing of the ukrainian passenger machine: arrests and iranian media representatives against propaganda

Listing of the Ukrainian passenger machine: arrests and Iranian media representatives against propaganda

Image: Hossein Mersadi / Fars News. License: CC BY-SA-4.0

The guided has to do it with a belamular crisis crisis. Meanwhile, the Tehran Universitat accuses the USA to have the Iranian radar system with cyber attacks

There were arrests, not just surveys. As the judiciary speaker in Iran is reproduced, persons have been arrested in connection with the launch of the Ukrainian passenger machine (PS752 flight). The information is so far a lot.

In the English-speaking spending of Iranian news agencies such as Irna, Fars News, more news, ISNA or Tasnim News, there is no news until the midday hours on Tuesday. Only the state-funded channel Press TV reports that according to Judicial Spokesman Gholam-Hossein Esmaili "basic investigations" have started a special commission appointed by the General Staff "A number of people were arrested".

How many were arrested, which function they have in the organization of the air defense of the revolutionaries Garden (IRGC), whether they are considered at the IRGC, and what ranked the arrested in the command chain, which in the "catastrophic error" of the responsible person at the Tor-M1 air defense system, it still exists (?) No details.

Many people have already been questioned, Esmaili is quoted by Press TV, documents and evidence had been collected. So the arrests are a sign that there is a stressful material? How far are the investigation and the contested consequences – only up to healthy candies that one can sell well, or ranges this to the leadership of the revolutionary Garden, which is one of the most powerful power branches in Iran?

Rohani: "All world will watch us"

In the "Top News" The said news agencies today is the decision of the Iranian Prasident Rouhani a special court with the case "Ukraine tarpaulin crash" to entrust. That is not a normal, usual case, so Rouhani, "All world will observe our court".

Why should the court be filled with high-ranking judges and ZIG professionals to examine the case. It is clear that it is not just the blame of a single action that has printed the button.

There are others. And I want this matter to be clearly published.

Hassan Rouhani

Allowed to USA: "Cyber attacks have paralyzed Iranian radar systems"

Interesting in connection with the mistake, Iran at "Ukraine tarpaulin crash" has given a small note that is a small note found in an IRNA report in which the commander of the Iranian Army, General Abdolfahim Musawi, emphasizes that the "Iranian sky now is safer for all flights than ever before". In the IRNA message, the US is assigned a considerable guilt – not how many times by the threats Trumps, but by a "Cyber activity" the USA. To read is:

The Tehran University is explained in an opinion that paralyzed US cyber attacks on Iranian radar systems the Iranian air defense system.

Irna News

Now the statement is not to be verified by nobles on the previously no details in the creation of the larger public. However, speculation and mutations play a role in the public perception of the case. The claim that comes from the Tehran University without the experts be called for doubts, "Whether unsuccessful human error was the cause of the launch of the Ukrainian passenger machine" ("Regime change lies in the air"To).

However, the information policy, Iranian news agencies, make sure that the accusation of the US is not too high, otherwise he became prominent presented. How to authorize the arrested arrests with this reproach?

The answer was allowed to be in demanding evidence that Cyber attacks bring with them, and in the credging crisis, with which the Iranian lead is confronted – also inside, as the protests showed after the incorporation of the error. The goods unambiguous and sharp public dementities of their own responsibility went before.

"The lack of free media"

As an official and the framework of the familiar blasting message of the news agency Irna (in Persian) clarifies, there are also displeasure among journalists. The Iranian news agency disrupts an explanation of the "Journalist Association of the province of Tehran", The amazing tone to Iran’s beleavalness crisis in the Western view of Iran, as this – makes it possible to illustrate from the persian superimposed – section of the explanation:

What could threaten this society in the contemporary situation are not only militar or rocket attacks, but above all the lack of free media, which can respond to the demands of the population and have effective and effective civilian control over their government and their agents.

Tehran Journalists Association

In the explanation is even from "propaganda" and "Lying" The speech, which in connection with secrecy the public trust and the public opinion "difficult" and took. The Google translation machine then supplies a pictorial description that has been shattered in some German teachers: "The situation has become so salty that the voice of the cake chief has increased even more. Audiovisual media admit that your current status has been questioned without knowing that the credibility of these media and most domestic media has long been danger."

The opinion must provide even more, which concerns the demand for more independence of Iranian media; Something suspicious is doing all the, which pleases independence-loving journalists, the repeated reference to the Tehran Journalist Association on the Voice of America, the State District Offer of the United States, where the "Voices of cake chiefs" also according to hornar, so that the medium is not necessarily good as a prime example of independent journalism.

But the publication of the criticism of the Iranian society "Media defense system" (Google Translator) is missing, if it is taken seriously, a buried step. Is it according to the information of the Guardian journalist Patrick Wintour, the side of an employee of Iran Front Page, No "Iran-Bashing" can be sought, it is linked, so well-known TV moderators of the State Iranian station IRIB have announced their item because they are due to the information policy of state-owned management "Ukraine Plain Crash" No more trust.

"Assign me that I have paid you for 13 years long", Quoted the Guardian article from the Gelara Jabbari. You will see which debate developed.

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