Migration to greece: from the eyes out of mind?

Migration to Greece: out of my eyes?

Immigration Minister Giannis Mouzalas. Image: Wassilis Aswestopoulos

The swivel in the Greek escape lot. Again dead in the agais. Update

Two years ago, Greece was not only because of the crisis around the euro, but above all because of the escape lady in the agais in the headlines. At that time, the government in Athens propagated a rapid intake of protective seekers in the countries of the European Union and presented the events in agais at all levels of diplomatic communication as humanitarian drama. Many also wish the Nobel Peace Prize for the Savior of the Island of Lesbos. The times have changed.

Death trap in the sea

Otherwise shattered messages on death trap in the sea hardly anything. On Wednesday, Kenterte between Mykonos and Ikaria a first unknown number of escape. About the Europe-wide emergency number 112 it must be one of the succeeded in the sea to call help.

The Greek Kustenwache immediately sent boats and helicopters in the area in question, but had no concrete position specification. Before Chios and Samos, 93 more escape and immigrants were saved from the Kustenwache in the last 24 hours. There were also two lockers to arrest.

(annotation: The text of the two above sales has been changed. In the original catch here was the talk of a message, according to which one "Tractor from fear of a control shortly 120 immigrants have thrown into the sea", The Mediterranean was meant. This has proved to be a mistake as a mistake. See the explanation of the author in the forum.To)

Rural numbers in Greece rise again after the alternative route over Libya to Italy is always better monitored. At the beginning of the week nearly 250 people were registered on one day. These are still less than in 2015, but often more than in the Fruhsommer, when the EU began to surprise their Greek commitment in support for the admission of the escape and immigrants. The Greek State, which was already required to help with EU help, should be finished with the crisis.

The death trap is steadily increasing compared to 2015, but they are less and less respected.

"Symbolic" Resumption of the Dublin method

The state immigration minister Giannis Mouzalas surprised, however, the Greeks, who learned about German media, that Greece escapes escape from Germany as part of the Dublin regulations. Mouzalas occurred after his interview on German television in Greece for the station Skai in front of the cameras and tried to explain this step to explain.

He stressed on the one hand that the resumption of the Dublin procedure was necessary to stay in the EU. At the same time he designated the maaking but also as one "symbolic step", who was only a limited number of persons concerned.

It revealed the appearance as if Mouzalas wanted to calm the German Wahl in German television before the general election. For against Skai, he also exercised that he is not sure whether the number of migrants coming from Turkey will not increase further.

Mouzalas, which is ongoing parallel to the backruges on the occurring family absorption, that the 2.500 people who are entitled to family co-operation with relatives in Germany, only slowly be sent there. The speech is from a German-Greek agreement, which distributes the procedure over a period of three years.

Cash instead of benefits and higher costs for legal immigration

The fact is how Mouzalas has been expanding to the interview that the escape lingings and immigrants in the mainland is now overriding money in the form of so-called cash cards instead of a supply of catering operations. On the islands, the warehouse occupants waiting for their asylum procedure receive pocket money. At the same time, the escape and immigrants should also be drawn for liability for the damage caused by their group.

In Parliament, a legislation was adopted, according to the cost contribution of the onset of asylum procedures by the asylum seekers, as well as the application costs for the relocation of residence permits for legal immigrants for the settlement of the seclusions of Burgern, for example in the northern Greek Idomeni.

With the same legislative change, a deflection of the practice on the islands of Agais, the asylum procedures were adopted there and not on the mainland, for another two years. For the imposition of the costs of illegal immigrants on the group of persons of legal immigrants, criticism from the ranks of opposition hailed.

Another legislative initiative to connect the possession of mobile phones to the presence of a valid passport failed, on the other hand, at the resistance of a coarse part of the government fractions. As a reason for the legislative initiative, the proposed ministers had caught security concerns against the possession of mobile phones in persons of non-documented origin.

Mouzala’s tried to calm the province of Kilkis to calm the Province of Kilkis to calm the Province of Kilkis. He was also striking the EU for deficiencies for the folded fields around Idomeni said.

The minister gave in many interviews in many more interviews, that the situation on the Greek islands is still bad. From the office of Burgerobmann, there is also the reminder that, above all, human rights of minor rural escape and immigrants are also injured several times in northern Greece.

Press reports can be found that there are less Syrians and Iraqis under the incoming on the islands, but more North Africans.

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