New ipad mini is allegedly soon

New iPad mini is allegedly soon

The iPad Mini is Apple’s stepchild under the tablets. Between Series 4 and 5 passed a good three and a half years. And also currently is the hardware, most recently in Marz 2019, is no longer up-to-date: If you buy the 7.9-inch device currently, you have to live with the A12 Bionic with an outdated SOC – to a quite proud price.

iPad Mini is Apple’s Stepfkind Tablet

From Asia, freshly decorated, that the iPad mini stands before a review. Allegedly, the upcoming Marz is considered a sales start, reports the Japanese Apple blog Macotakara Calling on the Chinese supply chain of the Group. Voices the info, Apple finally changed something to the form factor, the compact tablet really modernize for the first time, instead of only inner life to screw.

According to the message, it should first give an 8.4inch coarse display in the iPad mini. This is achieved by narrower screen standards, which should be based on the look of the iPad Air 3. That "ipad mini 6" should continue to come via a home button provided with touch ID fingerprint sensor – and not with a converted sleeep / wake button like the iPad Air 4. Even "chin" and "forehead" Remain supposedly preserved, according to the goods "Mini 5" not full flat with a screen. Instead, Apple will optically orient the compact apparatus on the upcoming cheap-ipad of the ninth generation.

Other new iPads in the approach

Macotakara had already reported on his own sources that the "ipad 9" visually released on the yielded iPad Air 3. With a thickness of 6.3 millimeters, it will have a much dunner housing to the iPad 8 (7.5 millimeters), which are slightly easier with a weight of 460 grams than the current 490 grams.

In parallel, new iPad Pro models are expected, which also appeared in Marz. These will be equipped with a mini LED display for the first time. The technique promises a contrast HDR image with low power consumption. Supposedly, the housing makes up to half a millimeter thicker.

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