North korea wants to be recognized as a nuclear night

North Korea wants to be recognized as a nuclear night

This is not particularly high-tech. Kim Jong Un end Marz at the pre-registration of new militar technology. Image: kcna

The military gestures are to secure the regime while maintaining an economic opening

North Korea rushes rhetorically, but the well-faced gestures are apparently. Nobody seems to take the war threats of the North Korean regime seriously. It had recently embassies some Lander, including those of EU countries and the US, but also even those of Russia and China, prompted the staff to 10. April to evacuate because you can no longer guarantee security for safety.

So far, the request has not fulfilled no country. You probably do not like to show that Kim Jong is really trusting a war, even if it is not clear, which is the purpose of the war rhetoric, the North Korea permanently, but operates with changing Tonhohe. A spokesman for the ancestral official explained yesterday that the German Embassy continues in North Korea "laborious" is. Foreign Minister Westerwelle has uplifted the expectation of North Korea, "that it complies with its obligations under international law and guaranteed the security and duty of diplomatic representations on the spot at any time reliably". The safety of the embassy was constantly reviewed and coordinated with the international partners.

Kim Jong and apparently wants to drive two-track. He wants to advance the country economically and open, but at the same time becoming a nuclearth to protect themselves from prere from subeat. Israel, India and Pakistan are here the role models, cooperated with Iran, which probably also wants to produce nuclear weapons for deterrence, although it always has it. The fuss around the "Holy fight" against the US and the repeated nuclear weapon tests should probably help to produce a survival warranty through a nuclear shield for the North Korean regime.

As always, rough rhetoric is picked up: "The youth avant-garde will serve a mountain even if the control panel of the revolution gives a command." It gives millions of young North Koreans who as "Human balls and bombs" Investigate to outline the enemy. And the regime warns that you will not be backed up from a war because your own nuclear weapons are smaller and lighter. However, North Korea has overrun because, in addition to the declared will, the nuclear call had also asked the Chinese embassy for evacuation. That will not be grained in China, but this is why North Korea has always supported so as not to get US stall points with a United Korea on its limit. China’s interest was not allowed China, but it is just as little interested in a nuclear meter North Korea and a permanent political instability.

North Korea wants to be recognized as a nuclear night

The young Kim Jong UN must prove to end Marz in the pre-manager of new militar technology and is quite strained. Image: kcna

In a comment in the Chinese newspaper Global Times it is called, it is impossible, even for China, North Korea of his "Nuclear ambitions" stop. At the same time, the international community North Korea will not recognize as a nuclear night. Was realistic to freeze the present state of the call and to prevent new nuclear weapon tests. To achieve that, the economy must normalize and a guarantee for "National security and stability of the regime" are given: "As long as this does not happen, Pjongyang will not stop making problems." So you have to do with a storran child, attention and recognition.

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