Oh holy toilet paper roll: everything will be fine!

Oh holy toilet paper roll: everything will be fine!

YouTube and Co. – our weekly Telepolis video show

Holy Corona! Slowly enough, because there is really only one topic left. Also on YouTube. And so the virus also determines this little column by necessity. So today we start the first Quarantane weekend with the Corona Dance. In the meantime there are more and more songs dealing with the virus – for example this number by Ah Nice or this nice musical puppet show. Also a bearded hopefully heavily enlightened guru mixes in this theater, there are radio commercials and more or less successful parodies.

Yes, we won’t let it take away our good mood, at least not for the time being. So before we turn into toilet paper zombies too. These creatures can be found early in the morning in our supermarkets at the shelves for toilet paper, where they collect mountains of this white gold with fanatical zeal and drag it home. There they hoard, worship, and idolize the commodity that is so precious to them. Oh holy toilet paper roll, where is all this blob going to go?! And we, who have not contracted this virus, have to wipe our butts with newspaper. How unschon!

And in such times only one thing helps: cat videos: they are really sub, wonderfully silly, sometimes musical or even highly dramatic. And who loves penguins, will like this video.

Oh holy toilet paper roll: all will be well!

Oh, breaking news. Yes, there you know what to do. Quite different on the Kolner Domplatte. In the meantime, the virus has also reached the television studios. A great overview of German ghost shows can be found here. And this is how it looks in the U.S.: on Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan, John Oliver or Trevor Noah. But this man has everything under control.

This brings us to the readers’ tips: Toilet paper, feeding predators, buying hamsters in Australia, Fatboy Slim, House of the Rising Sun and Billie Eilish.

Finally the quick run-through: Ruthe.de, Quarantane, home office, Unusual Memes compilation, noodle crisis, Marbula One, Walulis uber trash channels, fake news to go viral, the Ozzy Man. And the final point is set by Danger Dan. Remains healthy! Everything will be fine!

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