Repairs by third parties: apple warns of non-original cameras

Repairs by third parties: Apple warns of non-original cameras

Apple extends the warning from foreign parts to the iPhone camera: If parts of third-party manufacturers are used instead of Apple original parts when replacing the iPhone camera system, with compatibility and performance ies, the manufacturer said now.

With the IOS version 14 shared on Tuesday night.4 Has Apple already integrated a new warning: it assigns customers if the operating system can not verify the camera as original part; The warning is available so far for the iPhone 12 model series, it remains displayed on the lock screen for four days and can then be seen in the iOS settings.

Apple: Risk through improper repair

Repairs by third parties: Apple warns of non-original cameras

Apple message if the camera may not be a original part.

When installing non-original camera parts, the autofocus will no longer work properly and third-party photo apps could displace when accessing the camera or only show a black image instead of the live camera image, Apple blows in a new support document. In addition to the use of original parts, it is also crucial that only "Certified technicians" the repair performed, so the manufacturer, otherwise no the right safety and repair procedures could not be complied with.

With improper repair, other parts such as the battery could be damaged and thus drove to a superheating and even the injury of the owner, it is called in the document.

Warning even from foreign batteries and displays

Warnings already shows iOS on newer iPhones already when installing foreign batteries and non-original displays. The functions of the iPhone are not enrolled when installing non-original parts, emphasizes Apple. For a long time, Apple original parts were only available for Apple’s own workshops and authorized handlers, since last year, these are also offered free workshops under certain conditions. End customers can not obtain original spare parts at Apple.

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