Wave heavy crime in bulgaria since the beginning of the year

A ghost is returned to Bulgaria, the ghost of the "public order guards"

Three men were shot in only two weeks in the center of the Bulgarian capital Sofia. as "public order guards" denote the Bulgarians on open strain committed capital crimes, which are sometimes remedied by remote-controlled explosives, but mostly of pistol wear. It is amed that the tatter is on behalf of paying third parties.

Screenshot from a video of the Ministry of the Interior on police operations against the organized crimetat

Until a few years ago, the Balkanland was breeding for spectacular murder proposals. 105 Fatal Attentate has the court reporter of the daily TRUD, Anna Sarkova, in its standard work "The gross murders" for the period 1993 to 2001 listed. And the sofiot "Center for exploring democracy" (CSD) goes in its current organized crimetat report in Bulgaria from 138 order macers between 2001 to 2011.

Many of the in the last twenty years murdered murdered to the victim "Businessmen" were already legends during his lifetime. This applies to the 25. April 1995 murdered "strong grouping" VIS, Vassil Iliev, as well as for the on the 10th. February 1996 Shot Andrej Lukanov, Bulgaria’s Last Communist Minister Presenter. as "Richster of the Bulgarians", With a treasured sized 1.5 billion US dollars, fell on 7. Marz 2003 Ilja Pavlov, boss of the economic conglomerate Multigroup, a sharpener to the victim. And on the 5. January 2010, the as a gifted swim was valid "Mafia author" Bobby Zankov shot on the way to his lawyer backruck. Exercise and defective hygienic conditions are characteristic of Bulgaria’s detention centers. The prison of the Northeast Bulgarian provincial city of Schumen is known for particularly adverse conditions. In him have been sitting since autumn 2010 Funf Manner, the Bulgaria’s Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov "Killerite" (the killer) calls.

"We catch her, but the judges let you run again"

At a press conference in July 2010, Tsvetanov had the declaration of the few weeks before, on the businessman Juri Galev and the arrest of one "Band of order kills" reported. "For the first time, we have succeeded in carrying us out a group of mandatory orders in all its hierarchy levels, from the client Uber Organizer, weapon procurers to the direct tatter", Tsvetanov was happy in the presence of his head of government Boiko Borissov.

As previously already with the coarse-friendly and medially accompanied police operations "Naglite" (The cheeky) against alleged remuneration and "Octopod" (Octopus) against the as "Head of the mafia" Designed ex-intelligence tags Alexej Petrov Protected Minister Tsvetanov in the manner of a crime scene detective a detailed organizational scheme of the mutual "Killer band". Little later had to make him raging that the judges put the arrested because of insufficient evidence back to free fuv. But it did not take long, until Tsvetanov’s police officers repeatedly sat down the suspects and brought in the custody of a shape, where they are currently in court.

"We catch her, but the judges let you run again", If a flared word is, the Minister Prosident Boiko Borissov in his time as main secretary in the Ministry of the Interior from 2001 to 2005, when he was Bulgaria’s Supreme Crime Family. At that time, order turbulators had a boom, were active in 2003 on average every two weeks. Despite a leaky low success rate in the crime clarification acquired "general" Borissov at that time with his popular species the sympathies of the Bulgarians. They elected him in 2005 to the Champion Sofias and 2009 to Government.

Screenshot from a video of the Ministry of the Interior on police operations against the organized crimetat

The fight against the organized crincentat proclaimed by the government had only presented proportions

The Cabinet Borissov is trimming through "determined fight against organized crime" the Acute Epidemie to eliminate decommission traps and the number of public order guards drastically reduced. In fact, CSD for the years 2010 and 2011 with 3 or. 2 registered orders historical lows since the early 1990s. However, the fact that only two months ago has happened to public and two more discrete mafiamords, the headlocks and his Minister of the Interior were allowed to leave the alarm bells.

On the morning of the 17. February was the 30-year drug handler Assen Lasarov with two girlfriends in his apartment on the Sofiot Boulevard Zar Boris III., When his cell phone rang. He fell in love with the house "short to do something". When he did not come back, his acquaintances went out of the house and found him shot at his home tour in his blood.

The seafront Jordan Harasimov took himself on Friday morning of the 24. February 2012 with his Audi of a striving junction in the center of Bulgarian Blackme Capital Varna, as a breakpoint attached to his car exploded. Two black limousines removed in a hurry drive from the scene, the 52-year Harasimov died in the hospital.

In December 2009, Kiril Kirilov Alias Schkaffa (the cupboard) had been arrested as a mutual debut in the Naglite police campaign. At the beginning of April, together with eight alleged accomplices in the Sofiot district court, he should horen his verdict because of the participation imposed to him. But it did not happen because he was in the night of the 24. Marz on the way home in front of his block of flats was shot in the Sofiot plate district Mladost (youth).

The 39-year Jordan Dinov was successful as a representative of the Easter-Rich company for Sportwetten Sky Sport 365, had established a network of around one hundred betting branches in a few years. As his killer on the 4th. April at 9 o’clock in the middle of the central old town district of Sofia with three jokes from Nahdanz, he passed around 20.000 € in different circumstances.

As the 53-year-old Vasil Lasov Aka Schelesnia (the Iron) on the 9th. April in the near his apartment rose from the car, he was hit by three balls in his head, which broke half the cradle blanket. Children coming from a nearby playground, found him and alerted the police. Lasov should have worked with interest rating, write the gazettes.

Funf masked manner with machine guns robbed at the early 11th evening. April a money transporter in Northeast Bulgarian Sevlievo and captured first reports two million Lewa (one million euros). People did not hurt, but the act is ranging into the series of severe crimes since the beginning of the year. It is a clear indication that the Bulgarian government has not succeeded in two and a half years despite media police actions with sounding code names to sustainably loose the problem of organized crimetat.

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