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2007 should the year of the year "Less work" will

2007 will be the year of unpaid additional work? Unpaid over-work for the six West German VW works, working time related to teachers. The approximately 60 000 postal officers should work more from 2007 without payout. 100 minutes more work per week, without payout, there are for the staff at Nexans ("Cable unit"To). Mullmanner, educators and other employees of the municipal public service work half an hour per week more. At Karstadt also come to the overtime pits at the Christmas bonus. The nearly 4800 Fujitsu Siemens employees will work in the week 38.5 hours instead of 35 hours in the week. The 850 copies of the Autohandelsgruppe Glinicke should work for four hours a week. VW put an unpaid increase in the week working time from 28.8 to 33 hours – to name only a few examples. But the protests are massive, even in Germany. Looks out, as if the companies had to rethink: the world does not need more work, but the still relatively unknown "less work".

More than half of the world worldwide.000 Internet users wish for less work and more time for private as the most important intent for 2007. The Germans, however, once again form the exception: a better balanced ratio between work and private life is merely a third of the surveyed Bundesburg. At the top of the good intentions is here: More sports.

Has found a study on consumers, which is the surrender of their species: the semi-program "Online Consumer Opinion Survey", which was carried out by the survey company Acnielsen in 46 countries (Europe, Asia, North America, Middle East).

For example, for example, nearly three-quarters of Indians and after all, the half of the New Zealander, which make foreseen Furs New Year, want to work less, this desire will be set by the 1000 respondents only from one third at the top of the list; The decision to stop smoking scored the same values.

The Germans also differed in another important point from the global average: only 29 percent of Germans believe that they can realize all their good intentions. After all, 44 percent of them were convinced in the worldwide cut. But at least 69 percent of Germans were convinced that there is some of the self-elected intentions can be implemented.

The results of the Acnielsen survey are partially covered by a FORSA study on behalf of DAK. Accordingly, about the half of the Bundesburg’s good intentional FURS New Year and most among them, 57 percent, think about all more sports, especially the women and the under 45-year-old.

Foresa, however, determined that a significant share, namely 53 percent of Germans, mainly manner and 30- to 44-year-old – more time for their partner or partner. wants to take your family. 50 percent – especially the women – liked more time for themselves.

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