About the effectiveness of flavonoids

Scientists want to have found that only the milk makes the chocolate unhealthy

In times where consumers complain about the model of the tobacco processes against the food companies because their products drove to obesity and thus significantly increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer (cf. Mass fatigue weapons) and a group warns before the consequences of his own products (foreign fat world), many sub-product manufacturers will certainly like the news of the healthy chocolate.

About the effectiveness of flavonoids

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But unfortunately, your most successful products are not the healthys. In 2002, the Bundesburger die per capita in 2002, around eight kilos of chocolate, predominantly charmed boards and chocolates (cf. Federal Association of the German Subwaren Industry).

Mauro Serafini, Rossana Bugianesi, Giuseppe Maiani, Silvia Valtuena and Simone Desantis from Romische Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca by Gli Alimenti E La Nutrizione and Alan Crozier from the University of Glasgow reports in the current ie of the Science Journal of Nature over their study to accommodate antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize the free radicals that drove into cell damage in the body. It has long been known that in chocolate so-called polyphenols are included, which inhibit both the formation of cancer such as heart disease. This fabric can also be found in red wine (cf. In Vino Sanitas), he lowers the cholesterol mirror and relaxes the bloodsebird. In chocolate, especially epicatechin was detected, which brakes the overproduction of blood platforms (thrombocytes).

The Italian Scottish team around Serafini administered 12 healthy volunteers dark chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate with a glass of milk. The mercy subjects Aben each 100g bitter bitters or 200g milk chocolate, because the latter contains principally less polyphenols. After an hour, the respective blood values of the subjects were measured. In this case, the noble bitter chocolate consumers showed a 20 percent increased antioxidant mirrors, during the other no change was detectable. The researchers conclude that milk prevents the organism to absorb the polyphenols. Probably the milk proteins and the antioxidant-acting fabrics are a secondary binding. Milk chocolate contains healthy substances, but they can not be recycled by the body.

Alan Crozier comments on the study:

I can imagine that this is good news for the chocolateians who prefer dark chocolate. But of course I liked emphasizing that we speak of a moderate mab of consumption! At the scientific level, our research raises an impact light on the possibility that the efficacy of flavonoids [polyphenols] is deteriorated or reduced by other ingredients of foodstuffs. It may be good that further food combinations also counteract the protective and positive effects of the flavonoids.

The producers of the first anti-aging praline (Felice) have probably guessed and use only soy milk as an ingredient to the high cocoa content.

Wrongly, it is now proven to dissipate his cocoa powder into milk. The Olmeken, Azteken and Mayas seem to have known. Eieiei van Houten), because they mixed the powder of the precious and upper layer reserved for the Theobroma Cacao only with water, then gave other ingredients like chili, vanilla or honey and enjoyed the foam especially. Cocoa was considered an aphrodisiac and was used as a remedy against anxiety, selfiness or fever.

Some myths are refuted around the chocolate enjoyment now. High will not be gripped from the snacks, because though cocoa contains the fabrics anadamide and phenylethylamine, which also occur in Hashish and morphium, had to take at least 20 kilos of wholesale milk chocolate at least 20 kilos of milk chocolate, which was more acute ubeliness (cf. Chocolate and health).

If you want to know more about history, business and enjoyment of chocolate, you can still get up to 31. Inform October in the Leipziger Handelshof .

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