Advertising lives again, alphabet growth

Advertising lives again, alphabet growth

"We are satisfied how advertisers have reactivated their budgets", said Alphabets Finance Chef Ruth Porat Thursday night. She had just announced the quarter numbers of the Group. After the promotional revenues for the first time in the second quarter 2020 were for the first time in the company’s history, they have increased again in the third quarter.

Alphabet has implemented $ 46.2 billion in the third quarter, an increase compared to Alphabet’s third quarter of 2019 from 14 percent. The operating profit jumped by a quarter to $ 11.2 billion, net profit equal to 59 percent to 11.3 billion. The revenue from investments and minority interests shall extend the formed control printing a small little.

Google benefits how other online corporations also, from the coronavirus pandemic. Billion people spend a lot more time online, buy online more, play online more, order more online subscriptions. This also requires more online reclamation. But also helped the weak dollar. If the exchange rates remained the same, Alphabets sales growth were two percentage points or $ 800 million lower failed.

Cloud business + 45%

Up to 178 million US dollars, all sales of Google’s Alphabets (Velvet YouTube), and again from the sale of advertising. These advertising revenues increased by a tenth to $ 37.1 billion. The cloudy business is comparatively small, but grows much faster, by 45 percent to 3.4 billion dollars. Other Google revenue, including YouTube subscriptions, have grown by 35 percent to 5.5 billion dollars.

Google’s operating profit increased by 17 percent to 12.1 billion dollars. The group division "Other bets", To the Waymo with self-propelled cars and the health data company Verily obedient, their operating losses increased by the same percentage to 1.1 billion.

The financial figures are clearly above the expectations of analysts. Google shares threw more than six percent in subsequent trading.

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