After encrochat: european investigators want to have hacked sky ecc

After Encrochat: European investigators want to have hacked Sky ECC

Justice and law enforcement mammal in Belgium, France and the Netherlands managed to hike in close cooperation with Europol and the European Public Prosecutor Eurojust to subside the fused communication service of the Canadian supplier Sky ECC. the "Continuous monitoring" The solutions from Sky ECC by investigators in the three participating countries has according to Europol "Datable insights delivered in hundreds of millions of messages", had replaced the criminals.

Specially ejected smartphones

Similar to the Provider Encrochat, which was crocheted last year, Sky ECC offers special smartphones and associated services that are disabled functions such as cameras, microphones and GPS from the outset. Exchanged messages are locked and automatically deleted after 30 seconds. With a "Panic password" Let us break all content on such a device. The company has a Pramie of Funf million US dollars loved for Tuftler, whom it succeeds in cracking their sealing.

According to Europol, the operation succeeded, "to prevent the use of locked communication through extensive groups of organized crimetate". The investigators had a decisive information about more than a hundred planned criminal machinations, for example, from drug cartels in the hands, "whereby potentially life-threatening situations and possible victims could be prevented".

Since mid-February, the authorities had the news exchange of around 70.Users of Sky ECC can monitor the European Police Office. Many users of Encrochat are after this from the case of punishers also "popular platform sky ECC" changing.

First raids on Tuesday

At the first raids on Tuesday, which was based on the findings gained, the dirt dogs arrested nearly 50 people and passed numerous house searches and confiscations on 200 places in Belgium and the Netherlands. They moved 1.2 million euros in cash, jewelery, expensive cars and illegal weapons.

Already in advance, the police have ensured a total of 17 tons of cocaine, explained the Belgian Attorney General Frederic Van Leeuw. The law enforcement associations in the three countries should have been in constant readiness in recent months in order to react rapidly to evaluate dangerous criminal activities quickly on demand.

The investigations against the communication tool began in Belgium after confiscating male phones to Sky ECC. Worldwide use around 170.000 people the service that has their own server infrastructure in the USA, Canada and Europe. Worldwide, around three million news over Sky ECCs are expected to be exchanged, with about 20 percent of users from Belgium and the Netherlands.

"Insights into criminal activities"

Due to the successful decision-making of SKY ECC "will give the information gained insights into criminal activities in various EU Member States and in addition", Is Europol sure. The findings were allowed to contribute in the coming months and probably even years to expanded investigations and the explanation of heavy and breeze-border organized criminality.

Sky ECC has the assertion that the service is compromised, "after incoming examination" as wrong. "Authorized distributors in Belgium and the Netherlands have made us aware that a folded phishing application, which was fadally marketed as Sky ECC, was created illegally, modified and recorded on insecure devices", Write the company. The geary safety functions have been eliminated in these folded ones so that the police could have read there.

The entire communication is closed by private tunnels over distributed networks, emphasizes Sky ECC. All messages were shielded with 521-bit by elliptical curve cryptographic end-to-end. Talk about the "Platform of choice for criminals" Be a lot. No single law enforcement workers are approaching the company. A multi-hours interruption of the service in the night from Monday to Tuesday space of the provider but one.

The Belgian General Officer called the Defense line of Sky ECC as "Nonsense". You have successfully determined news on the company’s platform. The Belgian police is so sure that they even sent their account data to Sky ECC to make the promised hacker’s program.

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