Alipay, wechat pay etc.: trump wants to stop another chinese apps in the usa

Alipay, WeChat Pay etc.: Trump wants to stop another Chinese apps in the USA

Despite the failure of his attack on Tktok, Prasident Donald Trump takes more apps from China in his last day in office. Among the eight applications to be urged from the US market are the payment services Alipay and WeChat Pay. Trump abdicted on Tuesday by decayed with the apps – but with the full postponement of 45 days. On 20. January he will no longer be prassident with the inity of his successor Joe Biden. Then it will fall to Biden’s government, exuder or pick up the order.

No fast US ban on Tktok

Trump had tried since the summer to force a sale at least the US business of the popular video app Tiktok to US businesses through prohibitions. But only the Chinese government torped the speech with sales order for appropriate software. And then also US judges found that Trump’s government had no adequate legal basis for their actions. The TKTOK prohibitions are therefore on ice.

On the other now affected apps, the scan application CAMSCANNER, the ChatDienst Tencent QQ, the video app VMate and the Burosoftware WPS Office. US Trade Minister Wilbur Ross announced, he has arranged the implementation of Trump’s decree.

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