Atomic energy organization builds training camps for fight against nuclear terrorism

Atomic energy organization builds training camps for fight against nuclear terrorism

The International Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) has begun to build a training and demonstration center in which professionals should be trained to avoid and evaluate nuclear terrorism. Such training has been offering the IAEO since the 1970s, but since 2016, demand for you has risen sharply, explores the IAEO. In the year, a change in the overcoming income came into force on the physical protection of core material (CPPNM). In addition, the training needs increased as more and more Landers take on nuclear power programs or build research reactors.

On Wednesday, 30 km from Vienna’s first spades for the center was stung in Seibersdorf. When it’s done 2023, it should provide special technology and equipment to 2000 m2. This and in VR environments should take place practical training. Safety systems are to be re-emphasized, which are used in nuclear power plants, research reactors and Grenzuemangangen.

The training participants and participants should transfer procedures for access and alarm control, examining physical protection systems, better understanding IT security risks. An exercise area is also the nuclear forensics. The trained should ultimately be able to always be a step ahead of nuclear terrorists.


In his 1962 grounded Lower Seibersdorf, the IAEO has so far maintained eight laboratories, including nuclear applications in farming in agriculture, medicine and environmental monitoring. There are currently 250 employees work there. For the new building, funds are available in high levels of 11.3 million euros, the IAEO.

In the CPPNM closed in 1979, it was originally to protect nuclear materials for peaceful purposes during international transports. For the EU states, it occurred on the 6. October 1991 in force. In 2016, the scope was expanded on the entire peaceful use of nuclear material. Newly introduced was the protection objective to prevent sabotage acts. The catalog of criminal sets in connection with core material and nuclear layers has been extended; The countries should work closer to prevent these crimes. The CPPNM was signed by Uber 100 member states of the IAEO.

Six AKW are still in Germany

Atomic energy organization builds training camps for fight against nuclear terrorism

Since Marz 1984, block C of the AKW in Bavarian Gundremmingen is in operation. Block A was in operation from 1967 to 1977. The block B gone in 1984 was on 31. December 2017 turned off, block C – also put into operation in 1984 – should follow 2021.

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