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Nuclear smuggler without customer

She is back, the fear "Nuclear weapons in terrorist hand". It is fired at all highest level. US Prasident Obama personally invited to the nuclear conference (the atomic bomb in the suitcase). But evidence for the existence of real customers gave and does not exist. As in the cold war and as in 1994 as the BND Plutonium loted to Munchen.

Officials as a faith buyer

At the beginning of the 1990s, all sorts of v-people, concealed investigators, BND agents and also journalists intensively dealt with the "Black market" Radioactive material. In fact, until then, unpredicted people from Eastern Europe, with all sorts of radiant stuff, also tried to make the very rough business, as well as small Ganoven, predominantly from the noise scene. We always went wrong, from the coarse money was nothing, many landed instead for more long time behind bars, sometimes a radiated at casium or other radioactive substances.

Her problem was – in contrast to the public explanations, for example, the G-8 conference in Koln – that there were no Muslim or other terrorists or sources of so-called rogue states, but always only state-paid V-people, agents or police officers and sometimes journalists who offered himself as a buyer.

There were no real customers on this alleged black market. You could also read that in reports of the BND: "On the end customer side orders and buyers are not detectable", divided the BND in 1996. Such proofs are those who warn prior to nuclear terrorism and nuclear black market until today. That was already in the early 1990s and nothing has changed until today.

The mirror was at the top

In spending 42 and 43/1992, the mirror reported on a supposedly developing "Black market" All sorts of dangerous substances, from killer viruses to nuclear material. Germany draw, so the German leading medium, for "Turntable for illegal trade with uranium, poison gas and bacteria." In the case of a casium smuggling, which finally found his end in the Frankfurt main station. Certainly not completely random was also mirror TV on site and also the then Hessian Environment Minister Joschka Fischer.

The Grune Minister was eyewitness, when Friday night penalties in Frankfurt were secured radioactive casium and strontium. The casium 137 was packed in a lead container, in the trafficking compartment 579 of the Frankfurt main station; The strontium 90 put in the trunk of a BMW with Katowitzer license plate, which parked in front of the hotel Mondial…

Mirror 43/1992

Three poles should have mugged the radioactive fabric. Fisherman: "Since you could traces the fear of the people. You do not smell this devil’szeig, you can see and does not taste it." What the mirror did not report, and what the Joschka of the Minister may not know at that time: the whole show at the Frankfurt main station was initiated in consultation with the mirror. Supposedly even the station smell of the station, taking into account the lighting conditions for the cameratam of the "Smuggle" selected. Two years later, everyone who wanted to, in a verdict of the Federal Court of Justice, was the prehistory of this "Casium track" read. The Federal Supreme Court had to decide in the proceedings on a revision application of the Bochum Prosecutor’s Office. In Bochum had previously the first process against the Frankfurt casium smuggler had taken place. The wire drawers and provocateurs were not charged… On pages 4 and 5 of the verdict of the Federal Court of Justice, it is called:

Towards the end of September 1992 the defendant F. Contact with the Turkish businessman y. This represented several times offered by the East Casium 137, the view, it is in this respect for Mull, who is not for sale, but with which one "Press story" make konn. Hereby explained F. I Agree. The Clear became him of Y. By phone: then the editorial office was of "mirror TV" ready, 50.000 DM for a television program on the ensuring of the materials held for dangerous materials Casium 137. This should be up to the 9. Be deposited in a trouble of the Frankfurt main station and found there in the context of a television program and drawn from traffic.

The defendant F. then contacted with his business friend M, the co-defendant in Poland. This managed to get a container with Casium 137.(…) On telephone inquiry at the Spiegel-Editor in Hamburg, they received the statement to introduce the trail conclusion in the mailbox of their Frankfurt local editorial. You followed this statement and reported this to Hamburg. The retention was ensured in the evening of the following day by the Urbermin International Office under export reporting in the media.

Judgment of the Federal Court of Justice of 28. April, 1994 with the file number 4 STR 65/94

Further media stories should follow. But also from the seasons of such a police officer saw bored police officers a chance. This developed a Bavarian police officer "In the best years" as a so-called "Noeb" (Not open to the official) a special passion in the evaluation of a criminal titat facette, which had not existed without his special commitment and that a handful of similarly structured policemen and agents did not even.

In his job, he had to mark the coarse man, consequently he was expensive, drowning himself in expensive bars expensive whiskey, had a Jaguar as a company car and also lived on the really rough fuv’s role of officials also mentioned the mirror already at that time:

V-people, concealed investigators and intelligenceers have mixed into the scene and occur as ordinary builders. Kripo experts burrowing that the activity of the handlers is only a lead for far to grow. Some trade, which is now drawn, is only one "Test purchase", Preserved prosecutors in Bochum.

Mirror 43/199

Walter Boeden, so the camouflage of our Bavarian official in particular commitment, was the high-enriched uranium and fired the nuclear smuggles to get such. This results from witness regulations, from protocols of telephone monitoring and also found its precipitation in judgments, such as the district court Landshut of the 11.September 1995. It is on page 12 FF:

On the 8th.3.In 1994 there was another meeting between the defendant K. and the hidden investigator Z. He had brought to this meeting another hidden investigator of LKA Bayern with name Walter ground. During this conversation and in the following talks and meetings (…) Assessed ground (…) An increased interest in uranium and also highly broader. (…) Due to these worthless deliveries, the concealed investigator Waltener soil had several times the defendant K. respectively. the defendant I. Wooded to finally provide proper uranium, otherwise he wants to turn to another provider…

Munchener Plutoniumfall – by the BND Haut

On the 10th. August 1994 the Father landed at four years imprisoned Justiniano T. Coming from Moscow in Munchen. With 363.4 grams of a uranium plutonium mixture in the pack. T. was expected there from the Bavarian state criminal office. The story caused "Munchener plutonium smuggling" Monthly for excitement. Parliamentary Examination Exhibitions in the Bavarian state parliament and in the Bundestag tried to clarify the background of this smuggling. Of course, this nuclear smuggling was the result of targeted provocations where agents of the BND had a coarse share.

MaBlich involved were V people who were sometimes paid by BKA and BND. The experienced detective official and then members of the Bundestag Manfred search came to the conclusion:

A market for illegally offered nuclear material could not be determined in the Federal Republic. Neither the either office nor the for "Nuclear criminalitat" statular BKA or the BND – after allocating statements – about insights, which, according to the proliferatory-based states, had to see or seek to acquire mafia groupings or other criminal structures nuclear material or even nuclear weapons. Instead, the female buyers recruited out of the field of police, the BND and the media, with V-people and concealed investigators also consulting the courts as a provocateurs.

Manfred search

The SPD faction also spoke in its final report from the "Lead" of the muncher plutonium case. She was also able to call a note of an official of the SERVICE OFFER. Noted to the Muncher case:

The problem is that this case – even after its own presentation of the BND – not only uncovered by our services, but largely induced.

An insight that also after the 9.11. 2001, the Iraq and Afghanistan war is not to be added. People are forgetful and panicmaking has long been discovered as a weapon.

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