Google’s web browser chrome 87: tab throttling and new address line features

Google's Web Browser Chrome 87: Tab Throttling and New Address Line Features

Chrome 87 is there and comes with improved resource management and an advanced range of functions of the address line. For Apple’s new arm Macs, there is a native version, which, however, initially prepares challenges.

The new version of Chrome will be the last for this year. And according to Google, it brings the bigest performance improvement for years. That is mainly at Tab Throttling. Chrome recognizes and prioritizes active tabs. Such in the background will be paused – which does not apply to playing music or videos, you continue. In the chromium blog post is explained how the Occlusion Tracking works.

Through the throttling, the CPU load will be reduced by up to five percent, the battery life will be required up to 1.25 hours. The browser starts up to 25 percent faster and charged pages to seven percent faster, while he needs less RAM. On Android advice, he should also reclaim previous pages almost immediately.

Tab overview and new address lane functions

In order to facilitate the short-generated tab overview, Google leads a tab search. The list of all the beaten tabs from all windows is first available for chromebooks, more systems should follow.

The address line refers to Google as "Omnibox", Because she can do so much. Apart from entering a page and the search, it is now possible on the desktop to get to Google actions. Give it about "Change Password" one comes to the appropriate settings. Also the "Low search" functions.

This should give it a tab page in which "Cards" get saved. These are short-visited and similar pages. This will make it easier to find content. Is already tested with the areas "Cook" and "Shopping". "entertainment" should follow in the coming year. Google is currently testing a collective function called Keen, which is strongly reminiscent of Pinterest.

Problems with new Macs

The new, extra arm Macs adapted version of Chrome holds a risk of crash. Google calls itself as a workaround to return to the Intel version. The bug has obviously to do with the Bluetooth support, users should try to release them on their M1 Macs.

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