Greenwich electronic time runs out of time

Problems with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer delay establishment of Greenwich Mean Time as a universal Internet time standard

Greenwich Electronic Time

At the beginning of the year, British Prime Minister Tony Blair presented a joint initiative of the government and the Internet industry: Greenwich Electronic Time (GeT), a universal time standard for the Internet. But the implementation of the project has so far failed due to the unreliability of Microsoft Internet Explorer, wrote today the daily newspaper The Independent.

Three atomic time clocks placed at the prime meridian in Greenwich should be connected to the Internet via LINX, the London hub for all UK Internet providers. Users should be able to download a small application to synchronize with GeT. So all users should have exactly (except 0,003 sec) the same time on the computer. In addition, the intention was to develop a further tool that would provide a fixed time stamp for Internet transactions, enabling verification of the timeliness of transactions.

Tony Blair swarmed in January, "I am delighted to announce that UK industry is taking the lead in building a key component of the emerging global electronic marketplace. The Greenwich connection will clearly identify it as a UK service to the global economy".

But Redmond did not play along, unintentionally it seems. Tests conducted by the Independent showed that the times displayed in IE differ by up to 9 seconds. Keith Mitchell, LINX executive director told the newspaper, "you have to ask Microsoft why their software does not do what their technical documentation promises. I do not know why she does not." Currently, no solution is foreseeable in the project, already delayed by three months. But maybe Bill Gates has his own plans for the introduction of standardized Internet time.

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