Microsoft word now with audio transcription

Microsoft Word now with audio transcription

Microsoft’s new feature Transcribe for Office converts language in text. Users can record audio files for transcribing live or already upload existing. The records are stored in Onedrive. The maximum size of each recording is 200 MB and there is a limit of fun hours per month. The currently supported formats are WAV, MP4, M4A and MP3.

The recordings can also be edited: Users can access the audio file, play the audio signal over a timestamp and edit individual sections. In addition, the files can be released for other persons.

Other languages in preparation

Currently, the feature is usable in the Web version of Word for all Microsoft 365 subscribers. However, transcribe so far works only in current versions of the Browser Edge and Chrome. A transcription takes place only in English (EN-US), but other languages are planned. Transcribe in Office Mobile should appear at the end of 2020. Further information can be found in the Microsoft 365 blog.

In parallel, Microsoft announced the general availability of its immersive reader service, an azure cognitive service, with which user can read and understand text. Transcribing to Word comes another Azure Cognitive Service, Speech to Text, to transcribe conversations automatically.

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