Science and the distortions of mass psychology

History of the Global Brain XIX

Dr. Gilbert Lings Life History Open a Paradox. It shows the progress that the global brain has made in the ARA of modern transport and communication systems, but it also releases the dentoring pen, which is deep in the mass awareness at work.

Ling was born and educated in China. He received his graduate education in the USA, in an area that had been developed by Germans by Germans. His intellectual heroes were Lao-Tse, Confucius, Socrates, Joseph Priessley, Benjamin Franklin, Michael Faraday, and Saburo Ienaga from Japan. His influence was enough to be blocked by America, Europe and Russia, then blocked by Author’s consciousness clogs, ironically within science itself. If he should overcome the obstacles that were put into his way, then he has the strong feelings that his research could lead us to a tournament with a global brain, which we had beaten for a short moment, but we already Back to the dust threatens threatens. In the dust of our bacterial brother.

To understand the puzzle and the price, we have to go back a stucco into history. If scientists like Peter Russell in England, Joel de Rosnay from France, Gottfried Mayer-Kress from Germany, Francis Hyyligen from Belgium, Gregory Stick from America and Derrick de Kerckhove from Canada At some point in the 21. Century predict the arrival of the global brain, then their spirits are often fixed to electronic communication. You see the nodes between connected satellites, fiber optic cables and latest technologies as neuronal cells in a cybercortex, which spans continent. The trade and the stone-oriental technology exchange had already created more than two million years ago fruit versions of these far-reaching links.1 The speed with which these connections since 3.000 grew from Christ, was not to be despised.

The data flow at the Fruhren commercial network

The British neurobiologist Charles Sherrington spoke of the brain as a charming loom, which weaves fantastic on a picture of the external world… The common consciousness of the alphabetized societies – the world culture – is a immense coarse loom. Science has received the ability to map the external reality far beyond the access of a single consciousness…

Edward O. Wilson

The Egyptians used the Nile to unite a long strip of badts to an empire, the fourteen times long existed as the US as a nation. Boats allow a surprisingly fast and easy traffic between individual centers.2 strange handlers in turn opened connections to Asia.3 800 BC, the phonizers used twisted ships, with which one could also take it with more tenticular winemakers, and thus sailed over the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. So they transported good and ideas of Britain and Spain to Agros and Assyria over routes of 2.400 miles.4 Shortly before the birth of Christ, Greek5 and Arab tapped the Monsunwinde6 to sail to India and China7 once a year. Then they returned with miraculous charges of pearls, malabar pepper, perfumes and jewelry.

The Romers accelerated the growing connection strand by refining structures 8, phonician ships copied9 and agypal and Persian forms of data exchange over long-hauls to a postal service called Cursus Publicus, on the news 170 miles a day influenced.10 of the Holy Paul, a master of the internet promotion of his time, used this postsystem to spread its epistles in the eastern Mediterranean, and then used the powerful invention of regular ship traffic11 to ask the gospel to Rome and Spain.12 paved fast straws and postage horses were so effective that the young Constantine loud the ‘ascent and fall of the Roman Empire’ the palace in Nikomedia in the middle of the night, then traveled by Bithynia, Thrace, Dakien, Pannonia and Italy "and under the enthusiastic excess of people reached the harbor of Boulogne exactly at that moment when his father embarked in the desk to the Britain."13 This journey had in a breakneck speed over 1.600 miles extend.

The Chinese moved over 300 million square miles to their empire and thus a further realm, whose long history let the nations in Europe appear like a short flashing. Countries and transport divers on rivers bound this huge entity together. Then they began with undertakings like the 600-mile rich canal, which produced a fast connection between Yangtse and yellow flow for barks up to 500 tons of freight weight.14 In the Americas, the Inca’s streets, Lamakarawanes and channels used to hold a dominion area together,.700 miles long and a few hundred miles wide.15

A functioning data flow was the prerequisite for such massive networks between the city and the country. The Romer spread a common language and culture to simplify communication, while Chinese created a common alphabet to achieve this goal. The Incas set up a uniform accounting system based on Knotten Knitting.16 All three imperials continued to refute their networks by unifying weights and mabe and as in the case of China’s even a standard width for the distance of the wagonrad, so that vehicles from a province could easily travel in the neighboring province in the retracted wagon tracks.17 Meanwhile, Chinese handlers secured a silk strain through the Takla Makan to transport their goods to Rome18, where the gross matrons of history as Livia harvested each other by the splendor of their shimmering imported robes. In order to pay this leaving luxury counterpart, the Romer benefited the work of slaves from all achievable continents, which manused metal from the silver mines, which the Romers had conquered on their fieldgies. The semi-globalization of trade was so fundamental that the Romer had to complain a steadily growing negative trade balance against the commercial tigers of India, Arabia, Spain and Sezuan.19

Ideas flooded back and forth and lively mixed when this informational connective tie grew faster and faster. Greek philosophers like Pythagoras were influenced by ideas derived from the Hindukultures of the Ganges. India, in turn, took the artist traditions of the descendants of the General Alexander’s Gross, which had created Konigreiche in the north of the country.20 In return, the Indian Marchen in Europe for common cultural preservation.21

After Rome fell to the Goths in 41022, pirates of the Mediterranean sea paths that the Burger Roms and Gallia had supplied with Korn from Egypt. The straws that brought tin from Cornwall were cut off by bandits and prolonging stems. Europe succeeded in spade 18. Century again to raise the degree of its interconnection on the Roman level. Keime for a recovery, however, have been grew by Christ as the paths to which the Romische Strasts were disintegrated again could be considered sufficient before criminality to ensure a rebirth of continental trade.23

In the 15. and 16. Century Increase Spain and Portugal their network Oceanic exchanges to Africa, India and the two America, and so performed the bench potatoes Mexico in the Philippines24, as well as Chili from Peru in Hunan.25 They wore the African culture from the Congo to the Caribbean, in which one soon could hate the Kongatrommel.26 At the same time, the long-distance postal service was resumed in Europe.27 Well, Erasmus could become a letter from a letter that, through a flood of letters28 a community of international eccentric in a movement, which the religious death trip to the sky considered much less important than the pricing of the earthly life of humanity.

Homo Sapiens was not the only one who won through this growing global network. Bacteria and other microorganisms traveled on the trading straws of Greece and the ancient Rome and cudding around looking for new opportunities. And they found them. Waves of epidemics met Athens and the Reich that governed the Casaren.29 An infectious epidemic traveled in the time of Justinian’s domination by hanging holder from the Himalayiage region over India to Constantinople and died on a day 10.000 Residents of this magnificent city.30 The smallpox traveled with the conquistadores of Spain overs the sea and met an American population, which did not have any appropriate immune defense. Scattered 70 million Indians died on the consequences. The tuberculosis, which was first migrated with jagians and collectors before the ice age over the continents31, tied both parents Gilbert Lings.32

Ling begins his exposure with the boxer uprising in China, an incident against the end of the 19. Century played against the background of the global network. The development of steam-driven ships Since 180733, the western nations such as England and the United States, together with the new weapon technologies of the back loader (1838), the Gatling rifle (1862) 34 and the light artillery35 can escalate the tournaments between different groups. Underneath cases fall as well as the more peaceful trade wars. China pitted from export gutters to whom the West demanded, but the kingdom of the center showed little interest in the wool and other goods that could offer the West. The result was a serious deficit in the western balance of payments, which the English competitions by offering a product made in their Indian provinces – Opium.36

The trade was good, in 1836 alone, eight million pounds of the drug were smuggled to China.37 and American merchants like Warren Delano, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Grobfater, wanted to miss such a business.38 Many of the United States elite families had originally made her originating to ship sea ester fur from the Frontier in the Chinese harbor. Now the Coolidge and Forbes Clan followed the English example and devoted himself to drug trafficking in canton. The Chinese answered this business with the addiction with a series of wargues that they could not win. One of them was the rebellion of the boxer.39 When she passed, China became through "Reparations" make milked. America tried these hardly for justifiable demands, by providing money for a University of Beijing and set up Fellowships, which allows more than a hundred of China’s best students to study in the USA.

So the fight as a synapse builder, and in 1945 Gilbert Ling was one of those who were connected to these synapses when he arrived at the University of Chicago during the Christmas season to receive his graduation. Ling decided to focus on the field of cell physiology, which should carry him deeper into the network of spirits that cohesore the collective intellect of humanity.

The discovery of cellphysiology

The history of cellphysiology began in the 17th. Century in England, when a young scientific all-round talent got a new tool in the hands who could fulfill some special tasks with the help of lenses. The enlargement lens had appeared for the first time in Assyria 40, then had been forgotten again, and was reinvented in Florence in 128041 – as reading aid for the privileged classes, clerics and nobles. Within five years, wearing a glasses became a fad. In the early 17. Century discovered a obscurer Hollandic eyeglass maker called Hans Lippershey, that with the combination of different lenses in a pipe could build a tool for average view. He believed that the defender of the Netherlands, Prince Maurice of Nassau, could recognize with this instrument attacking Spanish armies. Lippershey’s secret weapon Telescope soon did the lap in Paris, Frankfurt and London. Galileo, a man from Pisa, who lectured at the University of Florence lectures, made such an instrument itself. In an act of application diversification, the research colleague and church manner equally crossed, he turned his telescope away from potential war screens and directed it to a territory that was sacred to religion and philosophy – the sky.42 There he found out that the planets were not balls, which were moved by angels on crystalline webs, but globes from solid matter, similar to ours.43 Another university dent from Bologna diversified the device in the reverse direction. Marcello Malphighi used the tool to look downwards, and investigated hidden things like the inner layers of the skin, the dents on the tongue, the blood-transporting capillaries and the cerebral cornex tie tie.

When the invention spread the Snail mail spread, she increased the speed with which people were able to exchange data before the age of reason. Malphigi was a member of a newly grounded local chat group, the Accademia del Cimento. The Engain Robert Hooke was a member of another such group that used the post system to become intercontinental tap – namely the British Royal Society. Hooke took on the invention Galileos, built its own telescope, thus discovering a star in the Orion and examined the surface of the Mars to put it on the head and to straighten on snowflakes, mosquitoes, feathers and mushrooms. But he cracked the jackpot as he directed his pipes on a stucco cork. Because he saw what he was in his bestseller ‘Micrographia’ as the "first microscopic pores" described he had ever seen. Because these pores reminded him of the sleeping chambers of Monchen, he called these microfluels cells.

The human network continued to build on his Woolbogen. Two hundred years of father took a duo of lab colleagues, the two German Matthias Schleiden and Theodor Schwann, the work of Hook rebuilt and built a theory that should form a platform for the understanding of bacteria, animals and almost all biology. Each plant and animal consists of cells, explained the Suddeutsche and the Prussia.44 and cells were in turn what they had accepted until their time, namely, water-defensive cabins whose is a passive "Homogeneous, transparent flux" enclose. 45

An unfortunate discovery

However, this realization leads to a mystery. Sodium molecules were excluded from the interior of cells46, while Potassium was included 47, a fact that seemed to drove the laws of physics ad absurdum. How could the two chemicals that had to spread with the same density on both sides of the cell membrane, from penetrating the cell walls are held? In the 60s of the 19. For the century, the German Moritz Traube48 reclined by the wine handler to the physiological chemist, the interpretation suggested that the membrane is a kind of "Atomic" his musce, which die a molecule, but the other. Research of the 20. Century, who worked with the diffraction of electrons and ray beams, knew that this idea was full of punch, but the wrong variety.49 modern biologists explained the sieves dread as much more effective and explained them to leak water pumps with which the membrane was supersat.

Meanwhile, Gilbert Ling built on a corpus of prove that suggested that one passed on a concentrated step, if one recognized that the passive riversity within the cell was in reality in reality, and that due to their landscape nature, no water pumps in the cell membrane are notative.50 lets over time have finally recognized as a breakthrough in cell research, explained by Lancelot Law Whyte from Cambridge University, "He was one of the most important and advanced contributions to the understanding of the structure of living systems I have ever seen."51 This post opened for ling itself "The only verified, unified theory of cellphysiology."52 The deceper considered by the Nobel Prize of the oxidative properties of vitamin C, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, considered Ling as "One of the most inventive biochemists I have ever met."

And here is a word of caution attached. Group stars move forward by jumping back and forth. The damage caused by a dark age has been lively overwound. But such moments of the restrictions also have their victims, and Gilbert Ling was one of these victims.

Away networks, but hardly a drop

Complex adaptive systems are not set in motion by understanding, but by biology. This can be a blessing, but also a curse. For example, resource distributors that build us, but then can be reflected again. Because Gilbert Lings have been ideas to be significantly habited, they made sure that Ling was on the sunny side of life. When Ling ended his post-doctors research at the University of Chicago, he received a budget to research and teach the John Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore. Then the Medical School of the University of Illinois offered to concentrate on his research work, without teaching.

Meanwhile, his work caused steadily growing attention. When the East Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute in Philadelphia is a new department for basic research, Ling was hired to build and lead its own laboratory. Then he received the possibility to set up a laboratory at the Pennsylvania Hospital.53 attention generates more and more attention. Like Ling explained, "Electricized swarms of intelligent young students in my laboratory to work there for a higher degree or otherwise participate in exciting research."54

LINGS work floss rapidly into the global data stream. He remembers, "all around the world" Presentation held, and have been adopted everywhere with standing ovations. 1957 visited him "The Soviet researcher A.S. Troshin, another cell physiologist who was against the idea of the membrane pump and was director of the Groben Leningrad Institute for cytology". This had obviously tracked work closely.55 lings Concept of saltwater biophysics soon could be connected to another, with a Nobel Prize theory strand Isidor Rabis. Rabi had come to the United States at the age of three years as immigrant from Easter-Rich Hungary and had a significant proportion of developing one of the tools that pays to the most important of modern biology – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Image Processing (NMR Tomography), which is used today to examine body and brain.56 Ling was sure that one could put a sensitive impact on the bacteria that had killed his parents when they were continuing on the basis of his ideas. Equipped with improved theory, people were building new tools. With them, they were given the bacterial invaders who try to convey the cells from which we exist to their private eating rooms. The following will show why Ling could have right.

Flow in the interior of a cell is anything but a randomly determined gear. Atoms are networks of quarks and Leptons – there are three quarks and a lepton even in the smallest atom we know. Molecules are in turn networks of still larger complexity. Each molecule has on its pan on modules that you could compare with plug and socket. With the help of these connectors, a hypersensitive lattice tie can be created, the physician one "Cooperative status"Call 57.

Ling leaves that a water molecule is not the tranquil stucco matter as we imagine it. Two oxygen atoms and a hydrogen atom are arranged so that the one end of the molecule positively, the other is negatively charged. The positive charge of a water atom docks to the negative charge of another. So water molecules are needed to organize themselves to coarse braids. A lot of molecular tie lets the water remain flowful, a tight fabric let it solidify to ice. Inside a cell, a tie of water, proteins, nucleine acids and carbohydrates is swinging in an intermediate stage that we refer to as a life.58 lings "Polarized multilayer theory of cell water"59 helps with the explanation, how and why this condition is reached.

"Jelly consists almost exclusively from water and yet this jelly water can be ‘upright’, as no normal, pure and river water could ever. This ability of the jelly water, standing – which also has ice – let it close that the interaction between the individual water molecules in the jelly water is changed by the only additional component, namely gelatin,," so ling. The key to this mystery is hidden according to Ling in the main component of the gelatine: the protein collagen is reluctant with layers of water molecules, as if it became fit with several clothing layers for winter.60 When these crashed collagen molecules resound each other, one obtains jelly61 – or the meat from which we all pass, because collagen ensures that the networked water of our muscles and fibers preserved shape and power.62 lings molecular tie gluing with such force on their water ingredients, that they can be cut into stucco, and finally centrifuging with a thousand gravitational force, without even losing a drop of water. This happens despite the fact that this tie consists of 80 percent of water.

As in the interpersonal interaction, each of the interconnected water molecules shifts the internal balance of his neighbors. This fact lets the overall tie tilt into a state that is far from a common linkage and transforms it into Lings words in one "Functional cohibar part and discreet cooperative construction." Lings molecular networks are as alert that a single stob of a blank molecule which is called the cardinal absorbent 63 can put the mains from idle state into a state of hyperactivity.

Concept of the molecules arranged in lattices, which is mutually consecutive to a cooperative attention 64, may have been strange than he proposed it in 1962. But since then, other researchers have referred that the cell interior equal to a swarm of structure and activity equal to a framework of architectural nozzles and a burial of ambassage, receptionists, administrators and intake controls.65 The interactions of these cellular ingredients make the structures themselves of the large human city in comparison quite simple. Some researchers claim that the microcroes of the cell wall (their cytoskeleton) have the computing power of a computer.66 These living bars and transverse battens operate on the basis of the rules of complex adaptive systems. Construction centers that one calls kineto chores produce chaotic always new channels. Thus, diversification is achieved.

The channels are produced along similar lines of grass, then a certain degree of conformity is achieved. Each channel acts as a test probe exploring the possibilities of cell interior. This ability to test hypotheses is a gift of diversitat. The micro channels that find a connection point, get the command to consolidate. Those who find no possibility for docking are instructed internally to destroy themselves. This internal mechanism, which regulates the degree of strength or ensures that an unusable channel itself recycles, acts as a benefit sorting. If micro drills are at a position where they can connect points that are essential for the work of the cell, they become superstars in the cytoskeleton of the cell. Through cell-internal economic centers in the near or far away, you get resources. Some of these resources are only impulses, others are material. The pulses that move other cellular components to push activation items in their direction are resource distributors.67

Also the cells themselves act as testing states, but they do this in their function as building blocks of their organism. How the cell internal micro-canals are subject to comprehensive cells competing complex adaptive systems. They examine the possibilities in their environment and compete for connections to build building materials, fuel as well as the possibility of duplication. The internal tournament between individual cells has coarse influence on life and death of the micro-channels, which even in a competition stood to form the skeleton of one of the tournament users. When the cell in which the micro-channels are located, a pile of neuron is and compounds are found, the cell and her micro-channel surviving prosperates.68 If the Fotal Neuron can not dock, it dead his internal benefit sorts, and the micro-channels die with it (or are rather disposed of biological cleansing river), quite regardless of how successfully they had been within the cell itself. The same complex adaptive system rules organize the immune system, organisms, bacterial colonies and human societies – as Ling should first detect his joy and later to his dispute.

Ling demonstrated with a series of impressive experiments that pumps do not necessarily have to be settled at the periphery of a cell.69 The established fabric of the inner cell city is about very slightly sodium. If you can fall the diaphragm pump theory, you can imagine medications that could proceed much more effectively than existing pharmaceuticals against bacterial enemies, so at any rate led this before. Before this possibility could be increased, Ling himself fell a conformity stronger to the victim.

Some witers of the creativity of mass consciousness such as neo-Nazis, militant fundamentalists and left parties of anti-science are open to their dare. Other, which stands in the way of the progress of mass consciousness, are less easy to identify. These hidden killers collective thinking must also be discovered and stopped. The commodities of the sodium pump began a subcultural battle, a crusade to control scientific consciousness. The first Salve was fired in 1966, as the Professor of Physiology DRs working at Cambridge University. Richard Keynes in lectures and papers explained that "Ling for a coarse Haresie responsible in this area" may be. The ethos of science does not know the concept of Haresia, because each concept is a hypothesis that interviewed, improved and replaced. Even the use of the concept of Haresie implies that those who take him into his mouth under the belt line aim to punish someone for his non-understanding in relation to a position that serves one’s own power. This creates inquisitions.

Quickly searched Ling the open debate. His opponents but preferred to work in the dark and to use the funds of political manipulation instead of offering their ideas on the scientific marketplace. In 1967, the Prasident of the American Societies for Experimental Biology7 plagued a debate on the annual meeting of the association. To engraving your range, this debate should be transferred to an internal TV plant. Although the symposium should take place only a year later, each of the attackers claimed he already has another appointment, so ling. The scientists of the 19. For the centuries, her professional sea was committed to appearing on forums of this kind, Ling believes.71 How every woman who represents unconventional ideas today is in Spade 20. Century not the case.72

Instead, behind the scenes, a campaign was staged to silence those who support the association / induction lets. 1969 LAS DR. Ludwig Edelmann from the University of Saarland of one of the Bucher Lings73 and carried out an ingenious experiment with the heart muscles of guinea pigs, which theories underpinned. He carefully criticized the concepts of the membrane pumping school and was then taught by his professors that despite his results, the membrane pumping theory had been properly and ling theories of theories. Edelmann ignored these codes and presented his results in 1972 in front of a group of referees. There, the validity of his results was not refuted, nevertheless he was released in 1973. Edelmann explained this: "One of the participants of the session wrote to me privately a letter and suggested me to pursue this fix idea and to look after another scientific area."74 So he was forced to switch from biophysics to work with electron microscopes.75

In 1971, a student of biophysical chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania was curious when the Lingan alternative model briefly mentions the sodium pump in class, but then was ignored for the rest of the semester. When he brought the matter to his professor, the Padagogue Nervos explained: "When I mention Ling, I have to throw myself before, and my position is in danger. So I do not think about Ling – I have wife and children. I can hardly publish something now."76

Ling fought against this vacuum scientific originality. In 1973 he was appointed to a seven-headed body, which was used due to a request from the Texan Congressman Bob Casey to examine the practice of the peer review applied by government agencies.77 (Ling quotes a guide that the National Institutes for Health to candidates for scholarships publishes: "The author of a project should be fully informed about those who will read his paper and keep these readers in mind when writing this paper."78 In other words, forgetful new insights, are compliant.) In 1975, Ling was able to report on the obstacles before a Committee of the Congress, which were put into his work.79

One of his opponents, a sodium pump survey and the co-author of an article that ling had criticized, but could do a far-sacrificial step. In 1973 he chaired the section for physiological studies within the National Institute for Health, the source of Lings research funds. Ling soon had to realize that the funds, who had financed his work twenty years, had been clashed together on a blow.80 He was rescued at the last minute of two officials of the authority, which considered his joy against this procedure legitimately. The rapidly compiled group, which should provide the resources for Lings research, was fragile and did not have enough funds to finance third parties that wanted to continue to research in the Fubstaps by Ling. The resource distributor had received instructions and now took all the way he had offered so generos.

Ling was worried about "The frightening power of the forced", who was applied to him. Furthermore, he remembers that he was deeply depressed, "When almost all of my graduated and postdoctoral students fall in love with my research." To demonstrate your new loyalitat, spater many of these students work their alpha-man and published work, which directed against lets theories.81 Meanwhile, the amount of funds grew steady, which received the membrane pump projects.82 The complex adaptive system followed its primary dictum: "The one who has to be given. That, who has nothing, should also be taken what he has."

In a manover, which Salt was Salt, as she carried out her coup in the field of Perceptual Engineering in Elm Hollow, the advocates of the sodium pump model revealed the impression that there were no other voices to their viewpoint. In 1975, an article appeared to present a series of studies that the sodium pumping theory either stuck or questioned. In this article quoted ling "I.M. Glynn and S.J.D. Karlish of ‘Mecca’ of cellphysiology, the physiological laboratory of Cambridge University, 245 references, all of which supported the sodium pump hypothesis." She mentioned none of the research results that spoke against it.83 Ling pulled the following conclusion: "Document for document the experimental evidence movements against the sodium pump hypothesis were shown as if they had never existed. Thus, also with the identity of the scientists written this critical contributions."84 By projecting an illusion of scientific unanimity, the sodium pump fraction shaked those who were under circumstantine critical joints against the theory. There was anxious silence, and this strategy worked according to Ling so well that over the following years "Six prominent journals and symposia unanimously presented their trusting readers only a version of the story and conceal all the works that could show the other side of the studies."85

In parallel with this meshing of the speech, the money tap was further accessible for additional alternative research. The participants of a single pro sodium pump symposium received about 44 research fellows of the National Institute for Health, to finance their work, which the model supported. Despite about 200 Builders and other published work that sounds his position, Ling had become a non-entity.86

That should actually have been the worst part of history, but that’s never – thanks to the beneficiary sorting, the internal emotional and biological co-operation mechanisms that take us the safe stop when the signals of the social animal, in which we live, make us clearly that we will not be needed long. In Lings words, only a small number of scientific support remained "Stainless, and they often paid for personal deprivation. On the 10th. October 1982 Druck Dr. Freeman Cope on the high point of his scientific creativity life."

In 1988 Ling had to shut his laboratory at the Pennsylvania Hospital and became a scientific escape.87 In fact, he had even more gluck than others. His "Small group of three" – He himself as well as two colleagues who held in spite of all difficulties at their research program – wandered to another job. Due to its role in the development of the image forming process of nuclear magnetic resonance, Ling was offered a port in the headquarters of Fonar Corporation. Fonar produced NMR-Gerate and became Dr. Raymond Damadian88, who had invented the full corporary scanning by NMR. The prize brain of a National Technology Award had also developed a cell theory that lets theory is supplemented and also rejecting the theory of sodium pump.89

Although Ling was often forced to pay chemicals and laboratory animals from their own pocket, his isolation from the scientific mainstream to work out a mathematical expansion of his theories and carry out his research on the cellular mechanisms of cancer and activities of drugs.90 Fonar, however, could not provide a complete research program with which a new generation of scientists had to educate to promote new discoveries. Ling continued to publish a total of 100 new studies from 1966 to 1997, which appeared increasingly only in his own journal ‘Physiological Chemistry and Physics and Medical NMR’. LINGS MAIN CONTACT WITH OFFULY OFFERED FOR A SITE.

Ling had learned the values of Western Science in China. Today he says: "It is very painful to see how the gross contribution of the West at human civilization is drawn into the dirt by some high-resorted members of the Scientific Community."91 In order to be an opinion with Ling, you had to go back to your own four frames, and the shutter shutter. The kidnapping of the scientific mass consciousness was complete.

In his youth, Ling had benefited from the global brain axons, which moved through China, Rubland, Germany, England, America and all intervening points. This was not long the wearing collective awareness, which had held over the same stone tools over millions of years before it came to a coarse change. Rather, changes were held within generations and decades, or as in the case of the turnaround, the ling made to a Pariah, in a few days of the continent. But apart from the technological changes, starting with the muscle power to aircraft and modems, the underlying mechanisms remained the same. The biology had long ago linked the global brain of humanity. The result is a planetary spirit that is corrupted in its highest form of irrational alitations.

Ling, who fell victim to an internal tournament of this brain, claims that his defeat will hinder us in a coarse tournament – namely the fight between resistant bacteria and viruses against the people. When new stammers of the mycobacterium tuberculosis, the streptococcus pneumoniae, the Staphylococcus aureus, the vancomycin-resistant enterococcal92 and HIV, could this fight between the global microbial brain and our to the gross war of 21. Century.93 And thus Lings could be ideas that are still under prere today as a necessary weapon.

Whether lings theories are correct or those of his opponents: ultimately it is based on any belief, every individual, any clique or movement and each nation on hypotheses in a coquent process of thinking. Through the interplay of hypotheses – their struggle, rape and their bastardized descendants – growth and learns the mass awareness, even if sometimes the wrong direction is impacted.

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