Google's Web Browser Chrome 87: Tab Throttling and New Address Line Features

Chrome 87 is there and comes with improved resource management and an advanced range of functions of the address line. For Apple’s new arm Macs, there is a native version, which, however, initially prepares challenges.

The new version of Chrome will be the last for this year. And according to Google, it brings the bigest performance improvement for years. That is mainly at Tab Throttling. Chrome recognizes and prioritizes active tabs. Such in the background will be paused – which does not apply to playing music or videos, you continue. In the chromium blog post is explained how the Occlusion Tracking works.

Through the throttling, the CPU load will be reduced by up to five percent, the battery life will be required up to 1.25 hours. The browser starts up to 25 percent faster and charged pages to seven percent faster, while he needs less RAM. On Android advice, he should also reclaim previous pages almost immediately.

Putting an end to the agony of choice

Finally it is online, the election-o-mat for the Bundestag election 2005. The online tool is supposed to make the agony of choice easier for first-time voters, but not only young voters have their fun with the thesis course, which you run through by mouse click. In the end, you find out which party best suits your views, and that has its charms even for experienced voters.

Particularly the so-called Wechselwahler were allowed to profit from the Wahl-O-Mat. The Wahl-O-Mat is not meant to be an election aid, but rather a stimulus to deal with core problems of politics on the one hand and the contents of the party programs on the other hand. Of course, you can also consult the Wahl-O-Mat until the results match your own expectations. So if you think you are an adherent of party x at the bottom of your heart, you don’t need to panic when party y comes out as a recommendation after the first Wahl-O-Mat walk through. In other words, as with any computer game, practice makes perfect.

Despite a new round of Middle East diplomacy, the peace process is still stagnant

To the uninitiated eye, it looks like a really great thing: First, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon fly to the Middle East and get all the parties in position. Then, at a meeting in Riyadh, the Arab League renews its five-year-old peace initiative. And in the end, EU Council President and German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives and wrests an invitation from Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to the Arab heads of state and government to attend a peace conference in Jerusalem.

But in reality, the movement is at a standstill: what has been declared in the German media as Merkel’s "aubenpolitische Triumph" is just another move in a kind of diplomatic soccer game, in which the participants kick the ball from one half to the other, pretending to be enthusiastic and meanwhile waiting to see how the political crises in Israel and the Palestinian Autonomous Territories as well as the presidential election campaign in the United States develop. It is also the cause of the only development that could bring movement to the stalemate: No sooner had Merkel left than Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, arrived in the region and made it clear to those involved that a different tone would prevail on the playing field should the Democrats be the referee after the next elections.

In Hungary, media freedom dies advice

Who in these days of Hungary’s most read, so far independent newsportal index.Hu visited, changes will notice. Many of the messages come from the state news agency MTI. And it lacks the gross stories, which due to their own research political bad developments and alleged traces of corruption.

Forced emergency operation

In fact, the portal drags itself in a kind of emergency operation, since the editor-in-chief Szabolcs Dull was released from one and a half weeks for prere of the governmental property. Two days later, almost the entire 90-head editors handed the ration. Employees are still subject to the sound period, they continue to work on austerity flame. The owners are meanwhile feverish after a new team.

But in his former form it becomes index.Do not give HU anymore. It was not just an internet portal, but an institution in the country. 21 years ago, Journalists, private individuals and small investors founded. With linguistic, multi-media and content innovations, it brought a fresh, unused wind into the hitherto rather handy Hungarian media landscape.