The rough superhero coalition

All pictures: Marvel Studios

Separate marching, bruising: Joss Whedons "The Avengers" is a superhero rescue screen

There is also a Heiner Geibler to Spat. Stuttgart has to go to her knees – actually: The Schwabische City capital comes in an American blockbuster! And it has neither with rectors and terrorists nor with "Stuttgart 21"-Wutburgers to do. But when the archbose weight of the film, the Nordic God Loki, relatively at the beginning wants to show his enemies and us cinema sore, what a rake is a rake, he is not looking for one of the capital age or new empires, anything between Rome, London, Istanbul and Moscow, but Stuttgart. "You were created to be mastered!", he brulls, and then no human chain and no limitation. All knees. Only one stops: a survivor of the Nazi Volkermord.

Money is decisive, just like GDP, it only depends on how it is calculated

"Prosperity for all" Ludwig Erhard demanded in 1957 and the roughly announced Agenda 2010 is intended to do nothing less than ensure the prosperity of us all. But how is prosperity actually defined? Can prosperity be measured or compared, and if so, by which method?? And how it feels?

The prosperity gap between the GDR and the Federal Republic was precisely 1.2 centimeters. For decades, differences in the supply of food, the quality of medical services and other economic and social influences had ensured that the average West German outweighed the average East German by the length of a sugar cube. At least this is what the physician Michael Hermanussen found out in 1992 when measuring several thousand 19-year-old conscripts. In the meantime, this gap has shrunk to 0.4 centimeters and has obviously decided to slowly but surely say goodbye to it altogether.

History of the Global Brain XIX

Dr. Gilbert Lings Life History Open a Paradox. It shows the progress that the global brain has made in the ARA of modern transport and communication systems, but it also releases the dentoring pen, which is deep in the mass awareness at work.

Ling was born and educated in China. He received his graduate education in the USA, in an area that had been developed by Germans by Germans. His intellectual heroes were Lao-Tse, Confucius, Socrates, Joseph Priessley, Benjamin Franklin, Michael Faraday, and Saburo Ienaga from Japan. His influence was enough to be blocked by America, Europe and Russia, then blocked by Author’s consciousness clogs, ironically within science itself. If he should overcome the obstacles that were put into his way, then he has the strong feelings that his research could lead us to a tournament with a global brain, which we had beaten for a short moment, but we already Back to the dust threatens threatens. In the dust of our bacterial brother.

Nuclear smuggler without customer

She is back, the fear "Nuclear weapons in terrorist hand". It is fired at all highest level. US Prasident Obama personally invited to the nuclear conference (the atomic bomb in the suitcase). But evidence for the existence of real customers gave and does not exist. As in the cold war and as in 1994 as the BND Plutonium loted to Munchen.

Officials as a faith buyer

At the beginning of the 1990s, all sorts of v-people, concealed investigators, BND agents and also journalists intensively dealt with the "Black market" Radioactive material. In fact, until then, unpredicted people from Eastern Europe, with all sorts of radiant stuff, also tried to make the very rough business, as well as small Ganoven, predominantly from the noise scene. We always went wrong, from the coarse money was nothing, many landed instead for more long time behind bars, sometimes a radiated at casium or other radioactive substances.

German government to increase rustic budget once again in 2019

Arrival of M1 Abrams tanks of the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team in Antwerp in support of Atlantic Resolve. Image: US Army

NATO summit looms, Trump pushes for increase in defense spending, and creates uncertainty with planned meeting with Putin and revelations about Crimea

The upcoming NATO summit on 11. and 12. The July summit in Brussels and letters from U.S. President Donald Trump to unruly NATO member countries may have been behind the government’s decision to quickly increase spending on refugees.

Who benefits from the'arche noah' fur kulturpflanzen?

Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Image: Mari Tefre/Global Crop Diversity Trust

The world seed bank on Spitsbergen and its virtual siblings

Spitsbergen, the largest island of the Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, is home to the northernmost settlement on earth. Longyearbyen is a place of almost two thousand inhabitants. Since February 2008, it has been home to the World Seed Bank. It was enthusiastically celebrated at the opening ceremony. Here at the "eternal" The largest collection of cultivated plants is being built up on the ice of Svalbard, a depository for eternity, it was said, a "Noah’s Ark of today". It safeguards global biodiversity for future generations". From EU Commission President Barroso to Norwegian Prime Minister Stoltenberg and the FAO, everyone was full of praise.

Ransomware attacks: G7 bosses demand decisive action of Russia

The head of state of the G7 Group have Russia and other states whose territories from Ransomware gangs operate and develop businesses and state institutions, asked to pursue and prevent the operations of these cybercriminals. This is from the resolution of the G7 states, which was passed to the end of the meeting of the seven head of state in the British Cornwall.

"We call all states to identify and switch off the criminal ransomware networks, which operate within their limits, and to draw these networks for their actions for accounting", It is called point 34 of the resolution of the G7 states. The request obviously aims mainly on Russia. The most recently larger ransomware attacks on Colonial Pipeline and the attack on the meat corporation JBS, which is associated with loose payments in the millions of millions, should have been carried out by Russian territory. In the case of Colonial Pipeline probably from the Ransomware AS-A-Service Group Darkside. The US Department of Justice has therefore demanded due to the severe effects of criminal cyberataps to equate Ransomware attacks with terrorism.

In point 51 of the resolution, the G7 states worked out their interest, "Stable and foreseeable relationships with Russia" want to care. However, Russia had to do so "His destabilizing behavior and his vicious activities" to adjust. Explicitly, the G7 Russia requests those within national borders "to identify, draw states and to account for the ransomware attacks", But also use crypto food to wash away and abuse for other cybercriminality. In the fall of the Errarg of Losegeld at Colonial Pipeline and JBS, the companies had paid Losegeld in Bitcoin. In the case of Colonial Pipeline, the FBI had succeeded in spacing at least part of the crimping money of $ 2.3 million of a total of $ 4.4 million.

A ghost is returned to Bulgaria, the ghost of the "public order guards"

Three men were shot in only two weeks in the center of the Bulgarian capital Sofia. as "public order guards" denote the Bulgarians on open strain committed capital crimes, which are sometimes remedied by remote-controlled explosives, but mostly of pistol wear. It is amed that the tatter is on behalf of paying third parties.

Screenshot from a video of the Ministry of the Interior on police operations against the organized crimetat

Train Officer Huber: Online refund arrives in June

From the summer, the moving guest of Deutsche Bahn should apply for train loss and delays also online a refund. "In this June we will offer our customers digital reimbursement options", said passenger traffic board Berthold Huber of the German Press Agency. Booking money can only demand customers of the train only analog. You have to make a corresponding form and send mail by mail. That should be concluded.

The online refund is according to Huber but only one component of a far more comprehensive digital conversion of the railway systems. "We build the distribution system completely new. We also build the navigator completely new", Said Huber with a view to the group’s booking app. "The topic of comfort check-in also states with the new distribution system." So since autumn under certain conditions, the automatic transfer of reservations at an unplanned train change possible.

"The new system automatically reserves you in a train change in the new train and you can get the info via the new place via smartphone", Said Huber. "We have been accused again and again: I paid 4.50 euros for the reservation – and that is now gone. That’s part of the past." The outervation, however, only works if, among other things, the ticket has been bought online and the train change is known at least one hour before.

Migration to Greece: out of my eyes?

Immigration Minister Giannis Mouzalas. Image: Wassilis Aswestopoulos

The swivel in the Greek escape lot. Again dead in the agais. Update

Two years ago, Greece was not only because of the crisis around the euro, but above all because of the escape lady in the agais in the headlines. At that time, the government in Athens propagated a rapid intake of protective seekers in the countries of the European Union and presented the events in agais at all levels of diplomatic communication as humanitarian drama. Many also wish the Nobel Peace Prize for the Savior of the Island of Lesbos. The times have changed.