If one believes European top politicians, then an economic end of the world was avoided by them, the risk indicators of the financial markets, on the other hand, expose the crisis as a rather minor event

No sooner had the financial markets got over the initial shock than the stock markets and, above all, the euro continued their downward slide. Not least Deutsche Bank boss Ackermann was held responsible for this, who in the ZDF talk show "Maybrit Illner" dared to doubt that "Greece really does have this power over time, its approximately 300 billion euros. Euro debt to be really repaid".

Ackermann’s doubts are justified, and not only in the case of Greece, since there is hardly a country that has ever repaid its debts on a sustained basis. In the end, it was the highest of feelings when a country was able to keep the ratio of gross national product to debt constant, i.e. when the economy grew faster than the debt. But this is far from being the end of the story. In fact, Germany, like almost all other OECD countries, was mostly forced to pay the interest on old debt with new debt at the peak of the economic cycle.

PlayStation 4 and 5: Sony gave away'ratchet  clank''ratchet  clank'

Owners of a PlayStation 4 or Playstation 5 can be the platformer "Ratchet Clank" secure. Until 31. Marz can "Ratchet Clank" the PlayStation library will be added for free. The platform game can be played even after the action has expired without costs, as long as it was loaded in time in the game collection.

Sony gave away "Ratchet Clank" As part of his "Play at home"-Initiative: Every month until June, a free title PlayStation owner in Shutdown is shackling in front of the screen. The games can secure each user, a PlayStation Plus subscription is not up-to-date. "Ratchet Clank" Can already be activated in the Sony Store, which works on the PC.

Successor in work

"Ratchet Clank" For Sony is an obvious gift: As a publisher Sony itself the rights to the platform developed by Insomniac Games. Because the game already came to trade in 2016, Sony was allowed to go through the Giveaway only a few sell. In summer should with "Ratchet Clank: Rift Apart" In addition, a new series offshoot appear, for which the free game represents a good increase in advertising.

Macron's vision of europe

Photo: French Government / CC BY-SA 3.0 FR

At the Sorbonne, France’s president lays out ideas about where the EU should go in the next decade

Macron always made it clear that he is a European politician. In his speeches after the election as French president, the EU flag was always in the picture. Schon im Wahlkampf gegen Marine Le Pen sprach er davon, dass die EU reformiert werden muss. It should become more effective, simpler, less bureaucratic and more transparent, he claims. This requires a vision and a debate.

Ministry of State Security has irradiated political opponents

While "Defense"-Minister Scharping sees himself in Arger’s threading, because Soldiers of NATO troops in Yugoslavia were radioled radiolosed by the Panzerknacker shots of their own army, Klaus Becker, his sign of radiation protection expert, has pointed to machinations of the Stasi in the 1970 / 1980s, which through Documents in the archives of the Gauck authority. "A remarkable story", So becker, "the first occupied case of such excursions at all."

It sounds like the content indication of a James Bond film without sex and Martini: Stasi agents have evidence of East German political opposition with high-radioactive chemicals "marked", To avoid localization and persecution by means of Geigerzahler. In order not to warn the target persons through the Geigerzahler Geigerzahler, devices were used with vibration alarm, which were worn under the suit. No wonder that the GDR had no imperialist agent films…

Conventional advertising: Data broker pays millions

Targeted advertising: From 2007 to 2018, the data broker of Epsilon Data Management should have helped, especially seniors in the US with false winning promises. Like the US Ministry of Justice, the company has now approved a payment of $ 150 million to avert criminal proceedings.

Transaction data from millions

The company with headquarters in Texas is according to court documents one of the largest marketing providers in the world. Here, the buying of millions of US households are systematically evaluated to address them with new advertising campaigns. For the data, Epsilon has established a customer base of 2000 clients according to the accusers.

But some of these customers used the addresses to deliver a total of 30 million households withdrawn commercial advertising. For example, in the writing that the receptioners had won in a raffle and that they had to pay a processing fee to get to the profit. Other campaigns attempted to bring forestry services and food intelligators to customers or promised government requirements.