Scientists want to have found that only the milk makes the chocolate unhealthy

In times where consumers complain about the model of the tobacco processes against the food companies because their products drove to obesity and thus significantly increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer (cf. Mass fatigue weapons) and a group warns before the consequences of his own products (foreign fat world), many sub-product manufacturers will certainly like the news of the healthy chocolate.

About the effectiveness of flavonoids

Image: Info Center Chocolate

Iraq: Prime Minister Maliki on the Blackwater affair

"In cold blood" they had been shot, "Iraqi burgers". Sunday’s deaths were not preceded by any emergency action by Blackwater employees, nor were the victims armed resisters, according to Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki’s account, as previously claimed by Blackwater spokeswoman Anne Tyrrell. The Iraqi government remains in the Blackwater crisis (cf. A clean bill of health for Blackwater?) on course for independence


Fatty liver in children

Photo: Jarcher20/CC BY-SA 3.0

So-called non-alcoholic fatty liver is believed to be the most common cause of chronic liver disease in children

Something is going wrong. There were heated conference calls among elementary school parents the other day because, in one group of girls as young as nine, the statement "She has too fat legs" like a poisoned arrow, behind the back of the girl to whom the sentence was addressed.

Advertising lives again, alphabet growth

"We are satisfied how advertisers have reactivated their budgets", said Alphabets Finance Chef Ruth Porat Thursday night. She had just announced the quarter numbers of the Group. After the promotional revenues for the first time in the second quarter 2020 were for the first time in the company’s history, they have increased again in the third quarter.

Alphabet has implemented $ 46.2 billion in the third quarter, an increase compared to Alphabet’s third quarter of 2019 from 14 percent. The operating profit jumped by a quarter to $ 11.2 billion, net profit equal to 59 percent to 11.3 billion. The revenue from investments and minority interests shall extend the formed control printing a small little.

Google benefits how other online corporations also, from the coronavirus pandemic. Billion people spend a lot more time online, buy online more, play online more, order more online subscriptions. This also requires more online reclamation. But also helped the weak dollar. If the exchange rates remained the same, Alphabets sales growth were two percentage points or $ 800 million lower failed.

Survey: Potential for cashless payment has not yet been spotted

Six out of ten people in Germany have been a survey, according to a customer’s priority with card or smartphone – but there are a number of barriers. In the backer or butcher, in the taxi or in local traffic, but also in some guest institutes, consumers are still dependent on their own experience. 26 percent of more than 2000 adults requested from the opinion research institute Yougov, they have been able to use the map and smartphone more likely to pay, "If there are more opportunities". 14 percent has been able to use this path, if you could withdraw cash at the cash register at the same time.

Suitable card terminals not yet flat

"Under pandem conditions, the avoidance of cash payments is recommended from grounds of hygiene or health protection. Here, the creation of a possible flat-screen-covering infrastructure with contactless card terminals offers significant potential", commented Jurgen Guard by the Cooperative Association The results of the survey, which was carried out on behalf of the folk and Raiffeisen banks in the association.

The association based in Neu-Isenburg represents institutions in all federal tags with the exception of Bayern and Baden-Wurttemberg. Guard is spokesman for the Management Board of Hanoverian Volksbank and leads the working committee in the cooperative association market and products.

Online marketing: blessing and curse of cookies

Annoying cookie banners on one side, upset revenue through online advertising on the other. About this tension of the wishes of users and companies discussed three professionals on the virtual event "Online marketing between cookies and privacy" At the invitation of the daily level.

The occasion of the event was the European Data Protection Day, which is shown on 28. January is celebrated. This year is even a round jubila room, because exactly 40 years ago, on the 28. January 1981, with the agreement of the European Data Protection Convention by the Council of Europe, the path for a common European data protection.

Advertising as a possibility

At the beginning of the discussion, Eveline Metzen, director for government matters in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on Google, skipped the basic position of the search engine group. Advertising allow access to global information that Google makes it available on the Internet. "A high level of data protection and online marketing are not a contrast", She said. Google constantly work on new techniques that harmonize both.

sweden's enviable position in the anti-corona fight

While the number of infected people is rising elsewhere in Europe and the next lockdown is approaching, Sweden can afford to reduce the restrictions

More than 15.000 corona infections per day in Belgium and the Czech Republic, with a doubling in the last two weeks, give rise to fears that health systems will soon be unable to cope with the influx of patients. Neither the increase can be explained by an increase in PCR tests alone, nor by false positives, as critics point out. Their argument still had a certain plausibility until the end of September, when the proportion of people testing positive in Germany fluctuated around one percent. Currently, however, it is approaching the four percent mark.

While the WHO has recorded a decline in new infections in the global malaria picture, there has been an almost exponential increase in Europe since the beginning of September. Some Eastern European countries, which have so far remained largely unaffected by the Corona epidemic, have been particularly hard hit. The trend is now reflected in the death statistics: compared to the spring, the number of deaths caused by Sars-CoV-2 has tripled in Romania, quadrupled in Poland and increased sevenfold in Ukraine.

exemplary portugal: cautious openness

Image: Emily Schoeme/Pixabay

Corona: After hard lockdown, country enters third phase

Portugal is slowly breathing again and since the beginning of the week the country has entered a third phase of cautious opening after the hard lockdown in winter. Cinemas, theaters and major shopping malls have also been open since Monday. Preschool classes are back in session at high schools and universities. Restaurants and cafes are now allowed to stay open until 10 p.m., albeit on a more limited basis.

The America of the hawks manipulates research by reinterpreting or suppressing scientific findings so that the industry can optimize its profit

"U.S. burgers depend on government institutions to enact science-based policies for the health and welfare of the nation. Meanwhile, leading academic journals have begun to question whether the integrity of state institutions is being sacrificed to political and ideological ends."

With this statement, Member of Parliament Henry A. Waxman in his capacity as a member of the Democrats in the "Government Reform Committee" the 40-page report Politics and Science in the Bush Administration ( s.a. Politics Science). Henry A. Waxman sees two patterns in which scientific findings are bent:

With ki smarter through the crises - or into the disaster

The Taiwanese Digital Minister Audrey Tang to make the Burgern the technology world tasty on beautiful new terms. That "Internet of Things" For you the network of "Battle", The possibly near singularity, with which the machines take over the rule, interprets them as "Plurality", made of artificial intelligence (ki) she makes the "Assisting intelligence". Only the Quarter An app, with which the land seeks to get the Corona Pandemic, comes conceptually unadorned as "digital fence" therefore.


14 days is the obligation to self-isolation for infected and potential widespread of the novel coronavirus on the island. "We pay all in quartaine around 30 euros a day to stay at home", Tang reported on Thursday at the KI Conference of the Grunen Bundestag Faction under the motto "Smarter through the crisis". Part of the mobile application is also one "Health-bot", with which users can chat. Who does not want to reveal his phone number, receive a smartphone from the state for the two weeks.

Only friendly is the system but not. "The chatbot registered when the phone is not moving for a long time and you do not react to SMS", the minister succeeded in one of the functions to enforce the self-isolation. Although GPS or Bluetooth were not used, but the location will be measured via distance from the radio masts per triangulation to around 50 meters.