Euro-euphoric Liberal Democrats lose all but one seat, Labour just ahead of Tories

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) wins 27.5 percent of the vote in England and Wales and can send 23 MEPs to the European Parliament (up from 13). Labour finishes just ahead of the Tories with 25 percent of the vote. Both parties come to 18 mandates each. That is seven fewer seats for the Tories and five more for Labour. The euro-euphoric Liberal Democrats, who govern nationally with the Tories, lose all but one of their eleven MEPs with 7 percent of the vote, falling behind the two-strong Green Party, which now has three MEPs with 8 percent.

The result in Scotland is not expected until this afternoon because some of the Western Isles do not have payouts on Sunday. BBC predicts that the Scottish National Party and Labour will each win two seats, while the Tories and UKIP will each win one. The result from Northern Ireland will probably not be known until later. Here, the seats are generally won by religiously affiliated regional parties of various degrees of radicalism. If the predictions in the two parts of the country are confirmed, UKIP would be the first party to break the quasi-duopoly of Labour and the Tories and win a national election.

Libya: haftar loses, turkey wins

LNA soldiers at drill without weapons. Image: Proganda/LNA

The withdrawal of the LNA from Watia airbase is seen as a turning point. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg hints at support for Sarajevo government

Syrians are fighting Syrians in Libya and Turkey is in the process of establishing a permanent strategic base in North Africa. The tide of war in Libya has changed with Turkey’s military deployment, which began last December.

First OPCW Director General Jose Bustani during his statement to the UN Security Council. Picture: Screenshot

Declaration on the investigation by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons of an alleged poison gas use in Douma, Syria, in 2018

We would like to express our deep concern about the ongoing controversy and political fallout surrounding the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and its investigation into the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria, on 7. April 2018 gives.

Identatatsuhrung: Okta buys Startup Auth0 for 6.5 billion US dollars

The identity management provider OKTA buys the competitor Auth0. For the Argentine start-up Auth0, octa pays around 6.5 billion US dollars in the form of share shares of the California company. The platforms of the former competitors should first be continued, but over time the functions are integrated.

So far, both providers offer separate applications in the field of identity management for companies. Okta itself was last repeated by Gartner as "leader" Registered in the area of access management tools. Auth0 should still persist in the company as a defensive business unit, emerges from a message

By taking over the Argentine Auth0 becomes a fifth unicorn of the Sud American state. Thus, start-ups are called, which are worth more than one billion US dollar. The planned transaction must still be approved by the financial authorities and is expected to be up to 31. July 2021 to be completed. Last year, Okta had already initiated cooperation with the competitors Crowdstrike and Titanium and also called a collaboration with VMware and his Carbon Black.

Homs: withdrawal of the rebels

Shot from the war for Homs, from 2012. Image: US State Department; public domain

Syria: President Bashar al-Aassad prepares for his re-election; the "syrian opposition council" asks Washington for heavier weapons

With the withdrawal of the rebels from the old city of Homs, Syrian President Bashar al-Aassad has achieved another important military success. Thus, according to experts, the plan of the armed opponents of the government to bring down Damascus no longer has a chance.

Corona inhibits inventive spirit - fewer patent applications

The Corona pandemic inhibits the inventive spirit in the companies. The German Patent and Trademark Office reported on Friday a significant decline in patent applications of almost eight percent last year. In total, therefore 62.105 Patent inventions, 5327 less than 2019. According to the Munchner federal federal doctors in other Patentamterns, similar ruckging in other patent universal industrial sites such as Japan and the USA.

Especially strong racy in the autotechnology

Striking is the racy in autotechnology and other industries such as mechanical engineering. In the area "transport" – The traditionally at the top of the patent statistics – the applications fell by 16.6 percent to 10.758. However, there was an increase in connection with electric vehicles, so for batteries and fuel cells. The three companies with most registrations still belong to the car industry: on the burst one and two layers the suppliers Bosch and Schaeffler, followed by BMW.

There was a coarse minus of 18 percent also in the machine elements, a smaller of almost three percent in electrical machines, advised and energy.