One wants to cover as broad a spectrum of interspecific entertainment as possible and involve the users

Imagine Entertainment and DreamWorks, founded by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen, have announced the formation of a joint company for entertainment on the Web. In the spring of 2000, to go online mainly with short video films made especially for the web.

The founders of the new company hope to develop a similar promising market with web-specific video films, as MTV did for television with music videos. Spielberg believes that the Internet is a "Unlimited potential as a stage for new entertainment offerings" Ron Howard of Imagine Entertainment believes that the Internet will soon have "develop new and unusual aesthetic values" will be.

"The search for the beast" in heavy metal ends with nice guys, girls – and parents!

Everything was better before! A guitar solo was still a guitar solo, with AC/DC frock you were considered a rocker even on a racing bike, the village priest made three crosses and offered his condolences to parents. As the Australian hard-rock legend allegedly "Antichrist, death to Christ" deciphered son man namlich carried the disaster through the community.

Fucking beastly ottonormality

Today, thirty years later and after the waves of crossover and death metal, the scene of heavy metal is more heterogeneous. Elke Nolteernsting ventures via book "a fair assessment" of the music scene, whose followers are far more burgerish than is generally amed.

The increase in the accumulators as a symptom

Currently there are a dozen electrical apparatus in my possessions, which are powered by batteries, of exchange batteries in the larger number of natural. Everything is there from DigiCam to the Bluetooth headset. Together with the necessary charger data, this results in a Hubschen pile of Kram. I am sure that not only with me the number of battery-powered devices is steadily increasing. But why actually?

Alvin Tofflers "Future shock" From 1973 is a funny book. There was a lot ahead, especially a lot of nonsense, and you can amuse yourself to be careful with his reading. Anyone who wants to have a proof of the meaninglessness of concrete future statements, for the Future Shock offers many examples.

As a ratten girl was a rat

Children who are not good, they like to pay as a warning one even terrible horror history. Whoever hits his mother, then, for example, is called the grave’s hand from the grave. Although this is complete nonsense and also comes from the grand march from the stubborn child, nevertheless it has been scared in the 50s German children Bose. Whether it helped is once again.

Another and far more terrible horror history currently circulates under Turkish Madchen. You will be sent by e-mail mostly with the subject line "a warning event". And because it is so incredible, we give you here as a warning before the warning in whole again: