Three new EU missions on the African continent

The EU’s Political and Security Committee (PSC) was hard at work paying $10. July 2012 and the weeks before. Its essential function is to politically coordinate the operational concepts developed by the EU’s military staffs among the participating states and then to decide upon them. Unlike the Council’s decisions, which are increasingly adopted in advance and made public, the operational concepts are not available for inspection. Thus, it is hard to tell what exactly will be the content of the three new missions in Niger, Sudsudan and the Horn of Africa, which will be launched on 10. The PSC launched the project in July, as if it had been a matter of nailing the head to the wall before the summer break.

Let’s start with Sudan, which declared its independence from Sudan with massive Western support almost exactly a year ago and has since been mired in a series of internal and border conflicts with Sudan, while u.a. half of the population is threatened by hunger due to the cessation of oil demand.

turkey again uses water as a weapon in northeastern syria

Image: ANF

The region is currently suffering from a drought. Temperatures are rising and the demand for water for agriculture and the population is increasing

Northeastern Syria is in the midst of a drought. Necessary rainfall failed this spring. In this situation, Turkey again blocks the water of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers for northern Syria. Temperatures are rising in the region and the demand for water for agriculture is also increasing. But water is also becoming scarce for the population in northeastern Syria.

The Gladiators of Mogadishu: Ridley Scott’s Imperialist Rescue Shocker "Black Hawk Down"

With Black Hawk Down, Ridley Scott has created a ruby-patriotic "Combat Report" Delivered by the U.S. skirmishers in the fight against warlord Aidid in Mogadishu in 1993. A battlefield image of modern high-tech gladiators, who also struck in Afghanistan, has emerged. Through the dramaturgy of the desperate rescue, the role of the U.S. as the world’s police is clarified

Without a doubt: "Black Hawk Down" has etched itself in a novel and deep way into the visual battle lines of war film history. Ridley Scott is confident of victory: in interviews – with German media – he has no doubt that after this film no one will join the military again. But depending on the film market, he must speak with a different tongue. Since Lewis Milestone’s "Nothing New in the West" there is much discussion about what exactly constitutes an anti-war film. As soon as the prehistory is completed and the horrors of war appear on the screen, they emanate an enormous fascination. The more glaring, the more shrill, the more rapid and spectacular the disasters are staged, the more cinematic the whole thing appears.

fibbing with numbers: is expropriating housing corporations unaffordable?

Affected were real estate groups with at least 3.000 apartments. Photo: Fridolin Freudenfett / CC-BY-SA-4.0

Initiative contradicts Berlin Senate: In the interest of the general public, the Basic Law also permits compensation significantly below the market value

Expectedly, the "red-red-green" The Berlin Senate cannot bring itself to accept the petition for a referendum "German housing Co. expropriate!" in a joint statement to bury. The left would have been ready for it, the Grunen conditionally – but with the senior partner SPD it was not to be done. The demanded socialization is presented as too expensive – the initiators of the petition for a referendum, however, accuse the Senate of arguing with false figures.

Interested writing: EEG, the brain and depression

Image: Chris Hope / CC BY-2.0

Once again, the public is bound to a bar on psychological disruptions

In the Newsticker of the Information Service Science (IDW) appeared on the 28. May a press release on a study of American researchers for drug treatment of depression. Investigations of the brain with electroencephalography (EEG) have been proven whether antidepressants help with a patient: "Depression: EEG delivers clues as to whether drugs strike properly."

The unconflicted past of ara Kissinger

Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, today Vice President and. Secretary of Defense in the George W. Bush, have held high office before. We are not talking about the ara Bush Sr., but from the presidency of Gerald Ford from 1974 to 77. Whose cabinet, with Cheney as "Chief of Staff" and Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense can be seen as the true Bush Junior cabinet of events. But who really set the tone in American aubenpolitik at that time was Henry Kissinger. Tom Appleton sets out to find the skeletons in the closet of a man who is still considered an internationally respected Nobel Prize winner and political genius.

Gerald Ford relaxes in Montego Bay, Jamaica

A ten-year mammoth census of marine life in 25 core areas is now coming to an end – the catalog of known species could be increased to about 230 by October.000 entries swell

It is difficult to estimate the magnitude of the project to compile a catalog of all creatures living in the sea. An approximation can be obtained by trying to estimate the number of inhabitants in an average aquarium. Fish, jellyfish, crustaceans do not fill out questionnaires, and the single- and multicellular organisms belonging to the plankton are not visible to the naked eye on principle. Nevertheless, the more than 380 researchers from 80 countries now want to bring their meticulous payment to an early end – first with a collection of articles in the free science journal PLoS One, then in early October with the official presentation of the Census of Marine Life.

cuttlefish, Lizard Island. Photo: John Huisman, Murdoch University

Interest in the visa investigation committee has waned despite television coverage

Anyone who wanted to follow Otto Schily’s testimony before the visa investigation committee on Friday needed to be patient. More than 5 hours the Federal Minister of the Interior spoke (opening statement of the Federal Ministry of the Interior). During the subsequent questioning by the members of the committee, he also gave rambling answers, so that at one point the chairman of the committee even cut off his microphone. This was certainly an unusual experience for the self-confident Minister of the Interior. He was told several times that he could not act in the committee as he did in his ministry.

The testimony itself offered little new. The Minister of the Interior admitted that some of his subordinates had made mistakes. But much grosser mistakes had been made by the Auben ministry. Schily did not want to be made a key witness against his cabinet colleague Fischer in the middle of the pre-election campaign. He recalled, for example, that a more liberal granting of visas had already been the practice under the conservative-liberal government.

Astronomical time machines

The galactic center in the ray light – recorded with the NASA Space Telescope Chandra. Image: NASA / Chandra

The view in the room through the prism of the time reveals the historical dimension of the ALLS

For insiders and informed it is an old hat, for professional astronomers simply everyday life, but others, however, seems "that" fact completely new or unknown, the creationists or. Intelligent design pearl still as a smooth lug brand: Every look into space is also a look into the past due to the finite propagation speed of light at the same time. All has a story that at least 13.7 billion started starting. And their observers are advancing to historians of the cosmos, which at least can study small parts of a huge puzzle. From 2013, many new puzzle stones will be added when the Hubble successor, the "James Webb Telescope" (JWST), takes his work.

UN diplomat Martti Ahtisaari considers the current catastrophe to be the result of "self-made"

According to former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari, three years ago the West ignored a Russian peace plan for Syria that called for the resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. If the accusation is true, it would be remarkable in that the Alawite has been repeatedly presented by Western politicians as the main obstacle to an anti-terror policy in the Middle East coordinated with Russia.

According to Ahtisaari, if the Russian peace plan had been implemented at the time, it would have prevented the Islamic State (IS), a terrorist organization that had only gained strength in 2013, from seizing a caliphate – and millions of Syrian and Iraqi Christians, Yazidis, Kurds, Alawites, Druze, Shiites, and secular Sunnis would not have fled abroad or to western Syria, which is still controlled by the government. Not to mention the beheaded, burned and otherwise murdered.