refugees - new route via poland?

Will the refugees seek the way to Germany via Poland? This question is currently occupying the Polish media

After the erection of the fence on the Hungarian border with Serbia, the EU border agency Frontex ames a new route of refugees who are currently trying to reach Western European countries by land from Greece, as the agency told the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza.

Besides the short but mountainous route to Western Europe via Bosnia and Croatia, there is also another route via Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Poland. Patryk Kugiel of the State Institute for International Affairs also expects more refugees "Institute of International Affairs" from. Ukraine is considered destabilized by the war in the east of the country.

love of truth in times of cholera: yemen reporting flawed

After a 2015 Saudi airstrike on Sanaa. Picture: VOA/freeware

The New York Times writes London and Washington the Yemen war already, the ARD likewise

Amnesty International has now identified the bomb that claimed 33 lives in Yemen’s capital a month ago as U.S. made. 16 civilians were killed, 17 injured, including five-year-old Buthaina, whose photo went around the world. According to the Guardian, human rights groups are calling for a halt to the export of rustic goods from the U.S., the U.K. and France to Saudi Arabia. German media still often show a lack of interest in the humanitarian catastrophe, which, according to competent observers, has long outstripped Syria’s suffering.

After Encrochat: European investigators want to have hacked Sky ECC

Justice and law enforcement mammal in Belgium, France and the Netherlands managed to hike in close cooperation with Europol and the European Public Prosecutor Eurojust to subside the fused communication service of the Canadian supplier Sky ECC. the "Continuous monitoring" The solutions from Sky ECC by investigators in the three participating countries has according to Europol "Datable insights delivered in hundreds of millions of messages", had replaced the criminals.

Specially ejected smartphones

Similar to the Provider Encrochat, which was crocheted last year, Sky ECC offers special smartphones and associated services that are disabled functions such as cameras, microphones and GPS from the outset. Exchanged messages are locked and automatically deleted after 30 seconds. With a "Panic password" Let us break all content on such a device. The company has a Pramie of Funf million US dollars loved for Tuftler, whom it succeeds in cracking their sealing.

According to Europol, the operation succeeded, "to prevent the use of locked communication through extensive groups of organized crimetate". The investigators had a decisive information about more than a hundred planned criminal machinations, for example, from drug cartels in the hands, "whereby potentially life-threatening situations and possible victims could be prevented".

Clinton loves nuclear suitcase at NATO summit

President Bill Clinton at the weekend left the suitcase containing the activation and deactivation codes for nuclear missiles at the NATO summit. For 45 minutes, the American president and commander-in-chief of the armed forces was separated from the most important luggage in the world. The President left the International Trade Center prematurely by the state limousine, without taking with him the attendant who always carries the suitcase. The officer, who always stays in the immediate vicinity of the president, was left behind in the hustle and bustle of the summit after a NATO conference ended early and had to walk the 1.5 km back to the White House to Fub.

The Pentagon’s White House Liaison Office is responsible for the security of the briefcase and thus for communications between the President of the United States and the nuclear forces.

New, partly critical luck in the trek TCP-IP stack discovered - updates available

Researchers of Intel have discovered four security in the (closed-source) TCP / IP stack of the company Trekt – that stack, which in June of this year from the 19 licking comprehensive collection "Ripple20" was affected. Two of the new lewish findings are considered critical: remote, unauthenticated attackers could abuse them to create vulnerable systems by denial-of-service attack or exercise any program code on it. Licking the other two "Low"- or "medium"-Assigned classifications.

The TCP / IP stack from the trek is optimized for embedded devices and is used by companies such as HP, Intel, Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation and many others. The areas of application are varied and range from smart home- and networked bureaucers over medical devices to industrial control systems.

Treck has confirmed the leach and published an update. So far (yet) is no publicly available exploit code for the laughter, active attacks were not observed. However, the attack complexity for critical lights is classified as low.

The banana has only ten years left?

It is weak. Old, run down. Despite its phallic form, a sterile creature that has been sexless for thousands of years, the banana will probably become extinct in ten years, according to the cover story in the current New Scientist

The banana’s worst enemy is its uniformity, its lack of genetic diversity. The banana remains in evolutionary stasis, helpless against pests and fungi such as "Black Sigatoka" (Mycosphaerella fijiensis), which has now spread to almost all growing regions, decimating the crop there by up to 50%. Some fields are sprayed up to 50 times a year with highly concentrated pesticides; it has been found that most field workers become as sterile from this as the (certainly no longer healthy) fruit they plant.

Even before the start of the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development, environmental organizations are calling for a boycott of the summit. Criticism of business influence

The follow-up summit to the legendary Rio Conference of 1992 begins today (Monday) in Johannesburg, Sud Africa. But what is being negotiated? If German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder is to be believed, a "Environmental Summit", Non-governmental organizations, however, speak more of "Development". In fact, the concepts of development and environmental protection are integrated into the UN summit on sustainable development. Until the 4. September the balance of Rio is to be drawn. According to the announcement, the central question is how the countries of the so-called Third World can catch up economically without repeating the mistakes of the industrialized countries in dealing with their natural resources.

60.000 delegates from 180 countries will meet for consultations in the next week and a half. However, the most important ones are missing. US President George W. Bush stays away from the summit, Gerhard Schroder will arrive only two days before the end of the summit. It seems that not only the Western governments have long since given up the belief in a success of the meeting. While the U.S. has completely withdrawn, the countries of the EU are struggling to find common positions, and even the developing countries in the Group of 77 cannot find a common denominator.

Alipay, WeChat Pay etc.: Trump wants to stop another Chinese apps in the USA

Despite the failure of his attack on Tktok, Prasident Donald Trump takes more apps from China in his last day in office. Among the eight applications to be urged from the US market are the payment services Alipay and WeChat Pay. Trump abdicted on Tuesday by decayed with the apps – but with the full postponement of 45 days. On 20. January he will no longer be prassident with the inity of his successor Joe Biden. Then it will fall to Biden’s government, exuder or pick up the order.

No fast US ban on Tktok

Trump had tried since the summer to force a sale at least the US business of the popular video app Tiktok to US businesses through prohibitions. But only the Chinese government torped the speech with sales order for appropriate software. And then also US judges found that Trump’s government had no adequate legal basis for their actions. The TKTOK prohibitions are therefore on ice.

On the other now affected apps, the scan application CAMSCANNER, the ChatDienst Tencent QQ, the video app VMate and the Burosoftware WPS Office. US Trade Minister Wilbur Ross announced, he has arranged the implementation of Trump’s decree.

Paper of the European Deputy Bernd Lange calls ISDS arbitration only "not necessary", Critique of Grunen and Left

The signs that the Social Democrats in the European Parliament were able to vote for the controversial TTIP trade agreement with the US. A few days ago, the SPD MEP published published Bernd Lange’s design of a report that is no longer a clear NO to private arbitration sites, but only as "not necessary" designated. The arbitration dishes, which decide three private laws on high damages of companies from companies to states, are the one-off part of the TTIP Agreement. They are seen from wide circles of the population and also by some unions as a threat to democracy.

A year ago, the SPD politician asked the EU Commission to completely renounce an investor state investor protection (ISDS). At the suggestion of a negotiation break at ISDS of the former EU Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht explained long in January 2014: "The EU Commission must now be consistent and not only put a negotiation break, but delete this tarpaulin from its negotiation agenda."

2007 should the year of the year "Less work" will

2007 will be the year of unpaid additional work? Unpaid over-work for the six West German VW works, working time related to teachers. The approximately 60 000 postal officers should work more from 2007 without payout. 100 minutes more work per week, without payout, there are for the staff at Nexans ("Cable unit"To). Mullmanner, educators and other employees of the municipal public service work half an hour per week more. At Karstadt also come to the overtime pits at the Christmas bonus. The nearly 4800 Fujitsu Siemens employees will work in the week 38.5 hours instead of 35 hours in the week. The 850 copies of the Autohandelsgruppe Glinicke should work for four hours a week. VW put an unpaid increase in the week working time from 28.8 to 33 hours – to name only a few examples. But the protests are massive, even in Germany. Looks out, as if the companies had to rethink: the world does not need more work, but the still relatively unknown "less work".

More than half of the world worldwide.000 Internet users wish for less work and more time for private as the most important intent for 2007. The Germans, however, once again form the exception: a better balanced ratio between work and private life is merely a third of the surveyed Bundesburg. At the top of the good intentions is here: More sports.