Police also respond with exit bans ahead of protests against EU summit in Brussel

"The scope of your passport …. is limited in that the passport is not valid for travel to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. The consequence of this restriction is that you are not allowed to leave the mentioned countries – even with your identity card."

In the last few days, more than 50 people in the capital city have received this statement from the Berlin State Residents’ Registration Office. The terse justification follows in the next paragraph:

Search at DAX Group Wirecard to BaFin Ad

The payment transducer Wirecard does not come to rest. After a report of financial supervision BaFin, the prosecutor has searched the business premises of the DAX Group on Friday. There is the suspicion, "that the responsible persons of the wirecard through the ad hoc announcements of 12.03.20 and 22.04.20 misleading signals for the Borsenzenpreis of the shares of Wirecard AG have been given", shared a spokeswoman of the state prosecutor Munchen I with. Previously, that had Handelsblatt report.

The company enaspted the search in Ashheim near Munchen. "The investigation is not aimed at the company but against its members of the Executive Board", Wirecard shared. The board is "Confident that the facts will be clarified and the pre-rejects will prove unfounded."

Suspicion of market manipulation

At the Borse, this did not provide for rearance. The share price of Wirecard broke on the trading platform TRADEGATE in a first reaction for Zwolf percent. Thereafter, the loss decreased to about 6.6 percent.

EU Council Prosident: Seehofer drives the surveillance union

Federal Interior Minister of Horst Seehofer wants to significantly intensify cooperation between law enforcement authorities at EU level and expand existing monitoring structures and better network. Every policeman in the EU MUSSE "have access to the necessary information from all other Member States at any time", The CSU politician explained on Wednesday at the presentation of the work program of his house for the EU Council Prosident.

According to the ten-sided plan, it should be about all about data, the orderer "In the cross-border Europe, to ward off current threats". "For this purpose, we rely on a modern information architecture, better use of existing instruments and a strong partnership within and opposite our police keeps", it’s in the paper. Above all, the ability of Europol "To support the operational work of the national security authorities in the fight against breeze criminality, terrorist and extremist threats" should be strengthened.

Europol as central office

The Ministry of the Interior wants to enter this Dafur, "Europol as a central office for the European police so expand". A similar function involves the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) often for local investigators about the Lander. According to the initiative, Europol is intended to turn off its own mandate for analysis, information exchange and aid services. This should also be the role of the authorities as a central service and knowledge management platform "In the field of cyber security and cyberability" raise.

At EU initiative, Georgia has signed a ceasefire agreement, but Russia, which now attacks positions in Georgia, explains that the Georgian troops continued to fight and post the city Zchinwali

As always in wartime, the events are presented differently differently by the parties and those with them solidarity. The propagand machines are working on full swing. Clear, however, is that the Georgian government with its attempt, with military means the abnormal province of SudoStenia, which has been managed for 17 years, which has been managed independently of Georgia, failed and now as always the civilians on both sides such a unuitized step Must, while warlike conflicts now again Europe’s near a jerking.

Apparently, the Georgians have relyed on the fact that the US was getting stronger prere coverage, so that Russia returns to the consequences of a military escalation. But that’s not happening. The Georgian Prasident Mikhail Saakashschwili has dared to be a high effort and for the time being lost, which has always failed for the time being the test that is massively supported by the US government, first to enter NATO and then to the EU. "At most, he has a chance of Russia and with infinite patience, he can only lose military. The chance of his country, once actually becoming part of the western systems, is part of the trumber", I am in a comment in the world.

As good as indexed

In the controversy over adult games, the internationally celebrated "Dead Space 2" provides new material for discussion

A state government shows commitment. However, instead of advocating for better education systems, family policies or integration measures, it wants to force the ban of a video game that has been regularly approved by the USK’s control board: While Dead Space 2 tops international charts, Electronic Arts has to keep postponing the release of its prestige title in this country. Mail order companies in Austria and England are happy about this: It also brings them orders from German gamers. EA Germany suffers losses that come close to indexation.

The Bavarian State Ministry for Labor and Social Order, Family and Women, led by Christine Haderthauer (CSU), wants to prevent the release of "Dead Space 2" by any means necessary – apparently to set new benchmarks. Although the USK has extensively tested the survival horror shooter and finally approved it for sale from the age of 18, the minister remains intransigent. But she did not have to worry at all. The USK, which has been a permanent testing institution for computer and video games in Germany since 1994, is considered the strictest control body for interactive entertainment products in the world, along with test centers in China and Australia.

Safety-relevant bug in Net library of Go and Rust

The library Net Kummers in the programming languages Go and Rust around the handling of IP addresses and TCP and UDP connections. In the implementation of IPv4 addressing, however, the code deviated from the DE-factto standard and treated addresses in octal representation incorrectly. This had to take advantage of the attacker to redirect traffic to your IP addresses.

The error found the security researchers Cheng Xu, Victor Viale, Sick Codes, Kelly Kaoudis, John Jackson, Nick Sahler and Opennota, informed the maintainers of Rust and GO and presented their findings within the framework of the Conference DEF CON after patches are ready for languages.

Oktale ambiguity

IPv4 addresses can be specified in different formats. Uphalt is a representation with four blocks in the decimal system with values between 0 and 255. Rarely and more a historical relic, but also possible, is an indication in four blocking in the octal system. 255 in the decimal system corresponds to 377 in octal view. Because one does not look at a number of axes, whether it is noted in the decimal or octal system, the established method is to be applied to the four blocks each with a leading zero. The Heise IP Address you can also as 0301.0143.0220.0120. Browser can handle it for example. It logs out in both a heise server (the displayed certificate error arises because the browser does not play the host header in the direct opening of an IP address).

Manchmal muss man sich uber die Leute wundern, die schnell Websites mit rechtlichen Schritten drohen, auf denen ihr Name erwahnt wird.

Urinal.net ist eine (uberraschend) bekannte Website, die Bilder von Pissoirs aus der ganzen Welt veroffentlicht. Die Website wurde kurzlich unter anderem im Wall Street Journal und im BBC Radio vorgestellt. Sie hat Hunderte von Fans, die regelmabig Bilder von Pissoirs einschicken, die sie an Orten auf der ganzen Welt gemacht haben. Im Prinzip ist die Art einer bizarren, aber amusanten Website, die das Internet zum Vergnugen machen.

The urinals of an airborne vessel take-off and landing facility located in a suburb of Canada’s largest city. This facility is located on the outskirts of said city and is named after a person whose name starts with a ‘P’ and ends with an ‘earson’. The three-letter code for this facility includes the letters Y, Y and Z, necessarily in that order. Urinal Dot Net is not permitted to disclose the actual name of this facility, due to threats of legal action from an organization whose name we’re also not allowed to mention. We can only say that it goes by an acronym with the letters Gee-Tee-Aye-Aye.

Employees on strike "for a better life".

London – Monday saw the first national strike at British Telecom (BT) in 13 years. Some of their employees went on a one-day strike – not for higher wages or shorter hours, but to protest repressive working conditions and management practices from the 19th century.Century. Tight work schedules and workplace preres were criticized. In short, it is the fight for the right to go to the bathroom.

A few years ago, I worked on a construction site for a while. One of the first lessons I learned there was that you should never sit down, under any circumstances. In the eyes of the foreman, it was a capital offense. The trick to being able to take a short break was to lean on a shovel and do something, such as "take a break".B. to have a few bricks in front of him to stare at blankly. Each job brings its own forms of prere and strain, and at the same time, in all job categories, ways have been found to catch one’s breath and organize one’s thoughts before moving on to the next task.

Oh holy toilet paper roll: everything will be fine!

YouTube and Co. – our weekly Telepolis video show

Holy Corona! Slowly enough, because there is really only one topic left. Also on YouTube. And so the virus also determines this little column by necessity. So today we start the first Quarantane weekend with the Corona Dance. In the meantime there are more and more songs dealing with the virus – for example this number by Ah Nice or this nice musical puppet show. Also a bearded hopefully heavily enlightened guru mixes in this theater, there are radio commercials and more or less successful parodies.

Yes, we won’t let it take away our good mood, at least not for the time being. So before we turn into toilet paper zombies too. These creatures can be found early in the morning in our supermarkets at the shelves for toilet paper, where they collect mountains of this white gold with fanatical zeal and drag it home. There they hoard, worship, and idolize the commodity that is so precious to them. Oh holy toilet paper roll, where is all this blob going to go?! And we, who have not contracted this virus, have to wipe our butts with newspaper. How unschon!

Listing of the Ukrainian passenger machine: arrests and Iranian media representatives against propaganda

Image: Hossein Mersadi / Fars News. License: CC BY-SA-4.0

The guided has to do it with a belamular crisis crisis. Meanwhile, the Tehran Universitat accuses the USA to have the Iranian radar system with cyber attacks

There were arrests, not just surveys. As the judiciary speaker in Iran is reproduced, persons have been arrested in connection with the launch of the Ukrainian passenger machine (PS752 flight). The information is so far a lot.