History of the Global Brain XIX

Dr. Gilbert Lings Life History Open a Paradox. It shows the progress that the global brain has made in the ARA of modern transport and communication systems, but it also releases the dentoring pen, which is deep in the mass awareness at work.

Ling was born and educated in China. He received his graduate education in the USA, in an area that had been developed by Germans by Germans. His intellectual heroes were Lao-Tse, Confucius, Socrates, Joseph Priessley, Benjamin Franklin, Michael Faraday, and Saburo Ienaga from Japan. His influence was enough to be blocked by America, Europe and Russia, then blocked by Author’s consciousness clogs, ironically within science itself. If he should overcome the obstacles that were put into his way, then he has the strong feelings that his research could lead us to a tournament with a global brain, which we had beaten for a short moment, but we already Back to the dust threatens threatens. In the dust of our bacterial brother.

Iraq: Prime Minister Maliki on the Blackwater affair

"In cold blood" they had been shot, "Iraqi burgers". Sunday’s deaths were not preceded by any emergency action by Blackwater employees, nor were the victims armed resisters, according to Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki’s account, as previously claimed by Blackwater spokeswoman Anne Tyrrell. The Iraqi government remains in the Blackwater crisis (cf. A clean bill of health for Blackwater?) on course for independence


love of truth in times of cholera: yemen reporting flawed

After a 2015 Saudi airstrike on Sanaa. Picture: VOA/freeware

The New York Times writes London and Washington the Yemen war already, the ARD likewise

Amnesty International has now identified the bomb that claimed 33 lives in Yemen’s capital a month ago as U.S. made. 16 civilians were killed, 17 injured, including five-year-old Buthaina, whose photo went around the world. According to the Guardian, human rights groups are calling for a halt to the export of rustic goods from the U.S., the U.K. and France to Saudi Arabia. German media still often show a lack of interest in the humanitarian catastrophe, which, according to competent observers, has long outstripped Syria’s suffering.

First OPCW Director General Jose Bustani during his statement to the UN Security Council. Picture: Screenshot

Declaration on the investigation by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons of an alleged poison gas use in Douma, Syria, in 2018

We would like to express our deep concern about the ongoing controversy and political fallout surrounding the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and its investigation into the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria, on 7. April 2018 gives.

"The search for the beast" in heavy metal ends with nice guys, girls – and parents!

Everything was better before! A guitar solo was still a guitar solo, with AC/DC frock you were considered a rocker even on a racing bike, the village priest made three crosses and offered his condolences to parents. As the Australian hard-rock legend allegedly "Antichrist, death to Christ" deciphered son man namlich carried the disaster through the community.

Fucking beastly ottonormality

Today, thirty years later and after the waves of crossover and death metal, the scene of heavy metal is more heterogeneous. Elke Nolteernsting ventures via book "a fair assessment" of the music scene, whose followers are far more burgerish than is generally amed.

Socionics against the fear of technology: acting in socio-technical systems

Not everyone is convinced that the high-tech that surrounds us more and more makes our lives easier. The 50+ generation in particular cannot always keep up with technological innovations. As artificial intelligence (agents, robots, UbiComp) is no longer just used in cyberspace, but also in the human social environment, socionics has had to artfully mimic the social system in a meaningful way. Germany leads the way in socionics research. Their mastermind Thomas Malsch creates tension in the research field between sociology and artificial intelligence.

The impact of sociology on the public has long been very marginal. They prefer to sab in their incestuous ivory tower of abstract theory production. Questions about technology development and society mutated into metaphysical glass bead games. Tandem projects together with engineering disciplines were missing. Artificial intelligence research was also a scientific outsider. Although her godfather, Rodney Brooks, gave her a serious air, a magical aura surrounded her. Their alliance with socionics, as an innovative field of research between sociology and artificial intelligence, gave new contours to our high-tech infrastructure. They take up models from the social world in order to develop intelligent technologies from them. The interdisciplinary objective is to explore the application potential of artificial sociality and to develop the basis for socionic technology development.

Nuclear smuggler without customer

She is back, the fear "Nuclear weapons in terrorist hand". It is fired at all highest level. US Prasident Obama personally invited to the nuclear conference (the atomic bomb in the suitcase). But evidence for the existence of real customers gave and does not exist. As in the cold war and as in 1994 as the BND Plutonium loted to Munchen.

Officials as a faith buyer

At the beginning of the 1990s, all sorts of v-people, concealed investigators, BND agents and also journalists intensively dealt with the "Black market" Radioactive material. In fact, until then, unpredicted people from Eastern Europe, with all sorts of radiant stuff, also tried to make the very rough business, as well as small Ganoven, predominantly from the noise scene. We always went wrong, from the coarse money was nothing, many landed instead for more long time behind bars, sometimes a radiated at casium or other radioactive substances.

Google's Web Browser Chrome 87: Tab Throttling and New Address Line Features

Chrome 87 is there and comes with improved resource management and an advanced range of functions of the address line. For Apple’s new arm Macs, there is a native version, which, however, initially prepares challenges.

The new version of Chrome will be the last for this year. And according to Google, it brings the bigest performance improvement for years. That is mainly at Tab Throttling. Chrome recognizes and prioritizes active tabs. Such in the background will be paused – which does not apply to playing music or videos, you continue. In the chromium blog post is explained how the Occlusion Tracking works.

Through the throttling, the CPU load will be reduced by up to five percent, the battery life will be required up to 1.25 hours. The browser starts up to 25 percent faster and charged pages to seven percent faster, while he needs less RAM. On Android advice, he should also reclaim previous pages almost immediately.

After Encrochat: European investigators want to have hacked Sky ECC

Justice and law enforcement mammal in Belgium, France and the Netherlands managed to hike in close cooperation with Europol and the European Public Prosecutor Eurojust to subside the fused communication service of the Canadian supplier Sky ECC. the "Continuous monitoring" The solutions from Sky ECC by investigators in the three participating countries has according to Europol "Datable insights delivered in hundreds of millions of messages", had replaced the criminals.

Specially ejected smartphones

Similar to the Provider Encrochat, which was crocheted last year, Sky ECC offers special smartphones and associated services that are disabled functions such as cameras, microphones and GPS from the outset. Exchanged messages are locked and automatically deleted after 30 seconds. With a "Panic password" Let us break all content on such a device. The company has a Pramie of Funf million US dollars loved for Tuftler, whom it succeeds in cracking their sealing.

According to Europol, the operation succeeded, "to prevent the use of locked communication through extensive groups of organized crimetate". The investigators had a decisive information about more than a hundred planned criminal machinations, for example, from drug cartels in the hands, "whereby potentially life-threatening situations and possible victims could be prevented".

Identatatsuhrung: Okta buys Startup Auth0 for 6.5 billion US dollars

The identity management provider OKTA buys the competitor Auth0. For the Argentine start-up Auth0, octa pays around 6.5 billion US dollars in the form of share shares of the California company. The platforms of the former competitors should first be continued, but over time the functions are integrated.

So far, both providers offer separate applications in the field of identity management for companies. Okta itself was last repeated by Gartner as "leader" Registered in the area of access management tools. Auth0 should still persist in the company as a defensive business unit, emerges from a message

By taking over the Argentine Auth0 becomes a fifth unicorn of the Sud American state. Thus, start-ups are called, which are worth more than one billion US dollar. The planned transaction must still be approved by the financial authorities and is expected to be up to 31. July 2021 to be completed. Last year, Okta had already initiated cooperation with the competitors Crowdstrike and Titanium and also called a collaboration with VMware and his Carbon Black.